Unwind and De-stress at The Ola Spa

Inspired by a Polynesian theme, the Ola Spa offers Hawaiian and Tahitian wellness treatments in addition to traditional Arabian therapies. I was invited to try their signature NEOM De-stress Treatment which was just what I needed after a long, hectic week. Here’s how it went…

The Ola spa is set in a beautiful landscape of Lapita hotel. You feel as though you have come to an island with a buggy taking you from the main building to the spa. The spa reception had wonderfully welcoming staff and while filling up the prerequisite form, I was offered a welcome drink—a heavenly concoction of fresh orange, lychee, and guava juice. You are given a warm scented napkin with the juice to feel refreshed.





For the NEOM De-stress treatment, I was informed that it includes the use of

all natural oils and aromatics to soothe your mind, body, and spirit. The spa is divided into two sections; one side for men and the other for women.

I was taken to the women’s spa which had a wet room comprising of a steam cubicle, sauna cubicle, and a jacuzzi. After I had changed, I sat in the steam room for five minutes and then was lead to the Hammam room for a scrub down.

The Hammam room was pleasantly warm and Diwa, my spa therapist, was on hand for the treatment. The Hammam bed was also pleasantly warm, so while she did her scrubbing, I did not feel cold. The Hammam room also had a shower cubicle.

After drying up, we headed to the treatment room, a very pleasant room with a shower cubicle that was temperature controlled. The treatment started with a soothing audio playing in the background for a few minutes, guiding me when to inhale and exhale and was very relaxing. As hot candle oil was being poured on my skin and gently rubbed in, I was drifting into a state of sublime relaxation, especially in the able hands of Diwa. And at the end of it, I felt completely de-stressed from this wonderful treatment. The NEOM products used were deliciously soothing and smelled divine.

After the treatment, I was taken to the relaxation room where I was offered chamomile tea and some dry fruit – pineapple, coconut, and mango dry slices. I rested for a little while before heading off.

The Verdict: This left me fully recharged and ready to get back to work and was an excellent experience; the perfect way to de-stress!

Visit: The Ola Spa in Lapita Hotel at The Dubai Parks and Resorts

Call: 04 810 9660