Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

As August is Hair Loss Awareness Month, it’s good to remember that all not hair loss is caused by genetics. There also may be a few mistakes you’re making to help speed up the process. Try changing up your daily routine to get results.

When you want to make a change for your body, take a look at what you are bringing into it. Your diet is the first thing you should consider. Hair is made from keratin, which is a fibrous structural protein. Healthline says that shrimp are a go-to protein that is filled with many nutrients; it has the potential to encourage hair growth. Also, it is a main source for B vitamins, zinc, iron and vitamin D. On top of that, they even provide omega-3 fatty acids, which also have been linked to improved hair growth.

Washing your hair with shampoo everyday has the ability to strip the natural oils. When this happens, your hair can’t hold moisture. It can become dry and brittle and start to break. Rosemary essential oil smells fantastic and helps to stimulate blood circulation on your scalp. Add a few drops in the shower on days you skip the shampoo.

Life can get pretty stressful between dealing with work, money and relationships. When you become overly stressed, it can put a strain on your body and disrupt the hair growth cycle on your head. Telogen effluvium occurs during this disruption and that can result in clumps of hair loss. Try simple meditations on your phone to clear your head, lower anxiety and decrease blood pressure. Mental health is extremely important and these apps help to encourage mindfulness.