Why Does Your Ulcer Linger?

Why have you been losing the battle to your ulcer? So chronic that it has defiled even the most potent ulcer medications. In fact, you may be missing out a germane aspect of the holistic approach. While you must religiously the doctor’s advice and prescriptions, still, the role of food in the treatment procedure is paramount.

While it can be argued that an ulcer is not caused by what you consume, a symbiotic relationship has been established -beyond any iota of doubt – between the causes and triggers of ulcer and your food. Gone were the days when patients were cajoled to take milk as a succor for the excruciating pain associated with ulcer. They took it and as expected, the pains subsided, only to resurface after having gathered more force. The explanation of this puzzle has been given. Milk, especially in its pasteurized form, is an acidic food and so has the potential to aggravate the ulcer. Ulcer is mainly caused by either a bacterial infection from Helicobater pylori or the long term use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen and aspirin. An acidic environment has been found to favor the growth of the bacteria, therefore, acidic foods have a detrimental effect in the treatment of an ulcer.

The list of such foods is endless, especially with the current lifestyle of the average elite. On the list of acidic foods are white bread, white sugar, soft drinks, butter, cheese, fried and spicy foods, biscuits, white flour, coffee, maize, fats and oils, among others. Of course, these foods are not absolutely bad for your health and can actually supply some nutrients, however, ulcer patients are strongly advised to drastically minimize their consumption as a way of hastening holistic and effective cure.

Stress is also a precursor that should be monitored as stress in all forms generally weakens the immune system and makes the process of eliminating the bacteria very challenging.

(Author: Yusuf Mikail is a freelance writer and editor. He has been featured on Qwenu and The explanation – an annual print magazine. Join him on twitter @yusuflatunji or on Facebook, Yusuf Mikail Olatunji.)