Why Friends Are so Important to Women with Children

With our women friends, we can talk about all kinds of personal things. Child rearing, our personal growth journeys, ponder our relationships with husbands or partners, our families, and talking seriously about the meaning of life are just some of the things we may discuss. Regardless of how wonderful your relationship is, another person’s different opinions and behavior can enrich your life.

Here are few different types of friends:

Other New Moms – young mother groups have a good effect on insecurities and can open your eyes for possibilities regarding fun games with your child besides educational and health care issues.

Proxy Parent – she does not have to be ‘of a certain age,’ just someone with maternal vibes: the neighbor who picks up your prescription or the friend’s mother who opens her home to you for the holidays.

Goal Sister – She’s aware of your aspirations for your finances, health, relationships, and career, and you can depend on her to ask, “How many times did you go to the gym this week?”

The Friend who has Known You Forever- this friend keeps your memories alive by sharing them with you. She may be different, but the bond of a shared past can be like glue and makes this friend like family.

The Feel-Good Friend – this is the friend who can automatically make you feel better just by listening and never offering unsolicited advice.

The Older Mom – she can be a powerful guide in helping you when the baby comes. From giving advice to showing practically how to change a diaper and breast-feed the right way, she lends a mothering touch and wisdom to your new motherhood role.