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Think yourself Thin

thin-1 During the festive season, many of us are nervously dieting, counting carbs, and maybe even starving. Why not break free from the dieting prison and do what researchers have been telling us for years; use your mind to improve your waist-line and overall body health. Program Your Mind It sounds great, but is there solidRead more about Think yourself Thin[...] Read More

What your Acne Means

acne When women get pimples in adulthood, it’s usually a telltale sign of something going on in the body. Here’s what your acne on different areas of your face really means… Facial Zones Forehead: Linked to the digestive system, but in some cases it can also be related to thyroid problems. Reducing the amount of fatRead more about What your Acne Means[...] Read More

Get in the Mood for Fall…

14 As fall approaches, makeup looks Change and shift. Health meets With izabela cruz, regional makeup Artist and trainer at urban decay Cosmetics to find out this season’s Hottest trends in makeup. Textures “The texture is mainly metallic for Rock n’ Roll eyes combined with glowing skin. To achieve this stand-out look, add a touch of liquid eye shadow Moondust on top of your smoky eyes. TheRead more about Get in the Mood for Fall…[...] Read More

Bye Bye Plastic Surgery…

16 Aging gracefully these days often includes a subtle jab of Botox or deftly placed fillers. Yet, as HEALTH learns, there are some game changing cosmeceutical ingredients out there which may actually slow down the clock and keep you looking younger. Cosmeceuticals Defined Skincare has now evolved from routine hydration to effective treatment due to the cosmeceutical active ingredients included in these formulations. A cosmeceutical skincare product basically refers to a product which is marketed as a cosmetic,Read more about Bye Bye Plastic Surgery…[...] Read More

Beauty Experience

15 Every woman likes to change her hair for the summer, so when I was invited to try the hair color services at Laloge salon at The Address Hotel, Downtown Dubai, I knew I would be in very good hands. The Consultation An elegant, expansive space with marble floors, and black and gold accents, Laloge is a high-end salon that epitomizes luxury.Read more about Beauty Experience[...] Read More

Nurturing a Positive Body – Image in your Teen

health-optimised-529 With Instagram filters and photo shopping images seemingly the way forward, the self-esteem of even the most self-confident teenager can take a beating. HEALTH discusses body image in teens with Counselling Psychologist Reem Shaheen. Today’s Teens According to Reem, teenagers today are exposed to articles and images that suggest what their bodies are supposed toRead more about Nurturing a Positive Body – Image in your Teen[...] Read More


medical-pedicures Margaret Dabbs, a celebrity favorite and internationally renowned podiatrist, CEO, and Founder of Margaret Dabbs London brand, gives Dubai’s well-heeled women gold standard professional pedicures that used to be only available in London. HEALTH learns more about her expertise. The Right Touch “When we provide one of our signature medical pedicures, a full assessment ofRead more about MERGING HEALTH AND BEAUTY… SOLE LOUNGE BY MARGARET DABBS[...] Read More

Home Remedies For Skin Pigmentation

papaya-face-pack-to-remove-sun-tan What is Skin Pigmentation? Your skin color is determined by pigments called melanin that are produced by specialized cells (melanocytes) of the skin. There are more than 150 genes that affect skin color either directly or indirectly. So there is really nothing much you can do about the natural pigmentation of your skin. What CausesRead more about Home Remedies For Skin Pigmentation[...] Read More

Beauty Experience, The 60 Minute Multi-Tasker Treatment

19 A Hectic Work Schedule And Being A Mother To Three Children Means I Have Less Time To Spend On Myself. So When The Nail Spa (TNS) Invited Me In To Try Their New 60 Minute Multi-tasker Treatment, It Was Too Good To Pass Up. Ambiance Conveniently located at Mall of the Emirates, the ambiance ofRead more about Beauty Experience, The 60 Minute Multi-Tasker Treatment[...] Read More

Blogger in the Spotlight

18 A certified image consultant who styles and does makeovers, personal shopping, and has been a guest on many television shows in dubai, saudi arabia, and lebanon, mayssa assaf understands the value of social media to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends and celebrity styles. Mayssa explains more… Foray In Blogging “As an image consultantRead more about Blogger in the Spotlight[...] Read More