A to Z of health THIS MONTH

MACADAMIA NUTS Packed with nutrients, macadamia nuts are loaded with healthy fats which help maintain optimal heart health. High in monounsaturated fatty acids, these help lower cholesterol levels and triglycerides, a type of body fat. They also include important minerals and vitamins such as manganese, folate, protein, and healthy fats, in addition to vitamins ARead more about A to Z of health THIS MONTH[...] Read More

A Juicy, Fun Way To Take Your Vitamins

A Juicy, Fun Way To Take Your Vitamins While kids want great taste, you want to give them the vitamins, minerals and fiber their growing bodies need. Serve watermelon and you can both be happy. Watermelon is a fun, nutritious way to make sure active kids don’t get dehydrated; it’s 92 percent water. A two-cup serving of watermelon is an excellent source ofRead more about A Juicy, Fun Way To Take Your Vitamins[...] Read More

The Benefits of Including Bone Broth in Your Diet Now

One of the biggest health food trends for 2017 has been bone broth, which not only tastes delicious, but is brimming over in nutritional goodness. Bone broth has been around for many centuries, when people would hunt for their meat and not want to waste any part of the animal. Many people kept a pot ofRead more about The Benefits of Including Bone Broth in Your Diet Now[...] Read More

A Chef With A Vision

A passion to create healthy, yet delicious meals is something that Vida Downtown Dubai’s Executive Chef James Knight-Pacheco does best. He tells HEALTH how he makes it work. His Vision My vision for Vida Downtown Dubai’s culinary landscape was simple; to implement the use of more fresh produce and to utilize seasonal ingredients in aRead more about A Chef With A Vision[...] Read More

Movers & Shakers

Taking the concept of eating clean to the next level, Elsy Azzam and Bassil Dibs, co-founders of Eatcleanme.com explain their healthy lifestyle aspirations and how eating healthy is just a click away. Reasons for the Business Bassil: “Between my partner Elsy’s degree in hospitality and my previous experience at Nestle, we have extensive knowledge inRead more about Movers & Shakers[...] Read More

Healthy Living The Kiwi Way!

Kiwi is an exotic fruit that originated in China, with a fuzzy  outer skin and juicy flesh. Rich in trace elements, minerals and vitamins, the kiwi quickly conquered the global market with its unique, exceptional sweet and sour taste! Why introduce kiwi into our daily diet? It is rich in vitamin C. Consumption of a singleRead more about Healthy Living The Kiwi Way![...] Read More

This “Healthy” Oil is Making You Fat!

Recent innovations in science have revealed that fat is not the devil we thought it was a decade ago. Foods that have been chemically altered to make them “low fat” – such as “not butter” substitutes – are definitely not something you should be eating on a daily basis. Although fat in cooking is moreRead more about This “Healthy” Oil is Making You Fat![...] Read More

Juicing for Hair Growth

As a woman, I often wish my hair was as long, thick and luxurious as what I see in shampoo commercials. I also know that’s often not reality. I’ve long been envious of women with long, flowing locks. My hair has never quite matched up. I have fine, thin hair and have dealt with myRead more about Juicing for Hair Growth[...] Read More

15 Health Benefits Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, According To Science (+15 Best Omega-3 Foods)

You may have heard about Omega-3 fatty acids before but you may not quite understand what it is or why we need it. Omega-3 is an essential fat the body is incapable of making naturally. That means that we have to get it from the foods and supplements that we put into our body. Omega-3Read more about 15 Health Benefits Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, According To Science (+15 Best Omega-3 Foods)[...] Read More

The Best Brunches to Indulge in this Festive Season

The Best Brunches to Indulge in this Festive Season In a city renowned for its iconic brunches that linger over an entire afternoon of gastronomic delights and fun for the entire family, HEALTH presents some of the best family brunches available, just in time for the festive season and cooler weather… Nomad at The Jumeirah Creekside Hotel Begin the weekend on a high note with a fun Friday Brunch in the heart of Dubai. Nomad is set up like a relaxed outdoor party with liveRead more about The Best Brunches to Indulge in this Festive Season[...] Read More