18 tips for natural lowering your blood sugar

18 tips for natural lowering your blood sugar Consume diabetic-friendly foods. Some options include avocado slices, baked chicken, peaches, and cucumbers. Create a blueberry green smoothie using a handful of fresh blueberries, three baby spinach leaves, a cup of plain Greek yogurt and two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Drink it for breakfast as a way to lower blood sugar in the morning. Use coconut flour in your recipes when baking assortedRead more about 18 tips for natural lowering your blood sugar[...] Read More

15 Super Foods For Healthy Heart

15 Super Foods For Healthy Heart Many people fall prey to cardiovascular diseases. It is usually a direct outcome of the way one spends their lives and the kind of diet that one follows. Sedentary lifestyles coupled with rich and unhealthy diet leads to heart problems. It has been seen that seventy percent of the heart diseases are preventable if oneRead more about 15 Super Foods For Healthy Heart[...] Read More

Which High-Protein Diet Lowers Risk of Death?

which-high-protein-diet-lowers-risk-of-death-rm-1440x810 A number of years ago, a colleague of mine tried a high-protein diet for weight loss because he’d met someone special in another state on an online dating site — only he’d posted pictures of himself when he was 30 to 40 pounds lighter. Unfortunately, a regular meal schedule is a luxury few doctors get. Most physicians eat onRead more about Which High-Protein Diet Lowers Risk of Death?[...] Read More

Shift your mood with these 5 foods

Shift your mood with these 5 foods Certain foods can have an impact on how we feel and knowing which specific foods these are can help us understand our emotions; as HEALTH finds out. Oatmeal Oatmeal, explains Vijay Ramburuth, Nutritionist and Business Development Consultant (MENA) at Catapult Sports / Executive Director and Owner at VR8 Sports, is a mood booster as this contains high amounts of soluble fiber which has been proven to lower blood sugar levels.Read more about Shift your mood with these 5 foods[...] Read More

6 Foods for Healthy Eyes

foods Carrots aren’t the only food that will keep your eyesight strong as you age. Here are six foods to eat for healthy eyes Healthy Eyes At Every Age When it comes to staying healthy as we age, we may tend to focus on our heart, brain and bones, first. But healthy aging also involves seeingRead more about 6 Foods for Healthy Eyes[...] Read More

Reasons Your Kids Need These New Super Foods Today

flexseeds From flax seeds and goji berries to chia seeds, childhood is the perfect time to include super foods which can help build a strong and healthy immune system. HEALTH investigates the key health  benefits of introducing super foods into your child’s diet. Immune boosters: Flaxseeds and chia seeds contain high ratios of plant based omegaRead more about Reasons Your Kids Need These New Super Foods Today[...] Read More

The Collective Grand Hyatt Dubai

the-collective Taking the concept of high-end buffet to an altogether different level, the collective boasts four unique dining concepts under one roof that serves the freshest and most authentic food made-to-order with a focus on using the freshest seasonal produce. The Collective is adjacent to the hotel’s indoor tropical gardens and near to where my family and I sat for the evening. The four conceptsRead more about The Collective Grand Hyatt Dubai[...] Read More


lively To Start: The program began with an in-depth consultation with the nutritionist including a complete body analysis. As I was not overweight nor did I have any serious health concerns as such, I was put on the a la carte menu at  1200 kcal per day. They offer a huge range of packages depending onRead more about Live’ly[...] Read More

Powwer Jars

powwer jars To Start: A brand-new healthy meals delivery service just recently launched, Powwer Jars not only embrace healthy eating to the highest level but are backed by the principle “to provide the  freshest food possible in the most ecofriendly way possible”. This plan began with an initial consultation with the lifestyle consultant, a full body compositionRead more about Powwer Jars[...] Read More

Right Bite

Right Bite Summer is here in full swing and for many of us, this means a serious lull in our daily workout routine and healthy eating plan. But this doesn’t have to be the case with some of the best healthy food delivery companies in Dubai. HEALTH puts them to the test… To Start: Right Bite’s philosophyRead more about Right Bite[...] Read More