When Your Brain Pays You Back

From Gulf Medical University, UAE. With a global obsession to look younger, there is another aspect we need to focus on— preserving our minds and cognitive abilities against a forgetful memory or Alzheimer’s disease in the future. HEALTH delves deeper. What Science Says The primary gear that the body runs by is our nervous systemRead more about When Your Brain Pays You Back[...] Read More

Eat your sun protection

As we slather on our SPF creams, did you know certain foods that contain Phytochemicals and antioxidants can actually boost your body’s ability to protect itself against sun damage? Read on to learn more. TOMATOES Lycopene, the antioxidant in tomatoes, has been found to reduce sensitivity to sunburn. Drinking tomato juice or taking 10 milligramsRead more about Eat your sun protection[...] Read More

Is your lifestyle putting you at risk of a stroke?

Most of us know the link between our emotions and our health, but what is less known is the link between emotional wellbeing and the risk of a stroke. HEALTH learns more. According to Dr. Andrew Russman, D.O., Head of a Stroke Program and Medical Director of a Comprehensive Stroke Center, people will very oftenRead more about Is your lifestyle putting you at risk of a stroke?[...] Read More

The future is now… AI and Diabetes

Diabetes is a healthcare epidemic that is skyrocketing globally at an alarming rate. Yet, Dr. Sandeep Reddy, Medical Informatician from Melbourne, Australia explains that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can drastically help patients suffering from diabetes. Reasons to Employ AI The three main reasons health services should consider employing AI techniques with regards to diabetic or pre-diabeticRead more about The future is now… AI and Diabetes[...] Read More

Fast Forward Into The Future… A One On One With Dr. Tim Wilson

At the recent Thumbay Group’s innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference held on April 11 in Dubai, HEALTH had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Tim Wilson, ME Health Industries Leader at PwC about the future of Artificial Intelligence in the health sector. Keeping a Check on AI “It is up to us to determine howRead more about Fast Forward Into The Future… A One On One With Dr. Tim Wilson[...] Read More

Coping with Lower Back Pain and Heel Pain

Ramadan is a beautiful time of the year; however, with the changes in diet and routine, some of us may grapple with an increase in lower back pain and heel pain during the month. HEALTH learns more… Pay Attention to Your Posture Lower back pain is more or less related to bad posture in mostRead more about Coping with Lower Back Pain and Heel Pain[...] Read More

The Edit: Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

We hear about the amazing properties of natural apple cider vinegar – from being an antiseptic to curing acne, diabetes, and even helping with weight loss. But what doesscience say? Let’s find out. Blood Sugar One of the studies from the “Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism Journal” has shown that apple cider vinegar (ACV) mayRead more about The Edit: Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar[...] Read More

Rewire Your Brain to Stop Negative Thoughts

Do you often catch yourself having negative thoughts, or even worse, allowing them to consume you? Are you stuck in ruminating about what went wrong? Here are three tips that can help you reframe your mind out of this vicious cycle… Understand that everything is neutral Believe it or not, we are the ones whoRead more about Rewire Your Brain to Stop Negative Thoughts[...] Read More

The Warning Signs of Coronary Artery Disease

Having coronary artery disease (CAD) raises the risk for a Heart Attack. Therefore, knowing the warning signs is vital in seeking medical attention on time. If your heart disease gets worse, your arteries will narrow, and less blood will flow to your heart. You may start to have angina symptoms, such as chest pain orRead more about The Warning Signs of Coronary Artery Disease[...] Read More

A Check-List for Happiness

A Check-List for Happiness While all of us strive to be happy in our lives, we often forget that happiness is a journey not a destination. Health presents some easy, but effective ways to start working on boosting your happiness levels today. Go Outside Despite the weather getting hotter, stepping outside and connecting with nature can immediately make youRead more about A Check-List for Happiness[...] Read More