A Checklist for Letting Go

Are you angry about an argument with a colleague, a spat with a neighbor, or a disagreement with a friend? Now is a good time to let go of the negativity and grudges and instead, learn to move forward. Here’s our checklist for letting go. ACCORDING TO RESEARCHERS, THERE ARE THREE KEYS TO A SUCCESSFULRead more about A Checklist for Letting Go[...] Read More

Cervical Cancer Screening

Author: Dr. Amal Hassan Hassan Ismail, Specialist – Obstetrics & Gynecology, Thumbay Hospital – Ajman January is the month for cervical cancer awareness. Cancer of the uterine cervix is the third most common gynecologic cancer. Approximately 84,000 new cases are diagnosed and about 28,000 deaths occur each year from gynecologic cancer among women in the United States. CervicalRead more about Cervical Cancer Screening[...] Read More


Taking the concept of jumping jacks and pushups to the next level, HEALTH learns that calisthenics are fast gaining popularity as a fun and very effective way to help you stay fit and healthy. The Basics Calisthenics are exercises made up of different kinds of movements such as pushing, running, and standing and usually doneRead more about ADD CALISTHENICS TO YOUR GYM ROUTINE[...] Read More

Your Space – Give Your Home a New Look with These Style Tips

Ditch all-white interiors. Instead, embrace warmer, richer shades of brown, black, deep greens, and subtle pinks. These cozy shades are perfect for the fall and winter. Complement the bold shades with natural wood and leather, accented with brass and cream. All over marble work is outdated. Incorporate the marble texture in minimal, for instance, addRead more about Your Space – Give Your Home a New Look with These Style Tips[...] Read More

Keep indoor plants for optimal wellbeing

Most of us like to keep green plants in our homes simply because we like the way it adds a touch of green to our living space. But keeping green plants in our homes can actually give your health a boost. Benefits Jean-Charles Hameau, managing director at My Green Chapter explains that one of theRead more about Keep indoor plants for optimal wellbeing[...] Read More

Mind, Body, Happiness… Boost Your Wellbeing with Meditation

These days, the pressure to perform at work is at an all-time high. Add to this the never ending emails and messages that make it almost impossible to switch off. Here are three ways that meditation can boost your wellbeing and help you disconnect. What Happens It seems quite simple, but how does doing somethingRead more about Mind, Body, Happiness… Boost Your Wellbeing with Meditation[...] Read More


Many of us don’t really consider our watches as investment, but the fact is that some watch brands increase in value over time. HEALTH explains more. Gold Standard Essentially, features such as history, brand perception, availability, and individuality as well as demand, are paramount when it comes to a watch’s increasing value over a spanRead more about INVESTING IN WATCHES… IS IT WORTH IT?[...] Read More

Going the Extra Mile… Is Workaholism Necessary For Success?

To be successful in a career takes much more than punching in and out. But for a workaholic, work is more than a source of income, rather it is a lifestyle. HEALTH takes a look at why workaholism can be so detrimental, both physically and mentally. More than Money Recent cases of deaths resulting fromRead more about Going the Extra Mile… Is Workaholism Necessary For Success?[...] Read More

Najla Al Midfa on Empowering Emirati Youth

Harnessing the talents and entrepreneurial spirit of Emirati youth, Najla Al Midfa, General Manager of Sheraa– Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre–speaks to HEALTH about her organization Khayarat and how college graduates can reach their highest potential. CREATING KHAYARAT “My experience in the private sector helped me gain a better understanding of the skills required to succeed withinRead more about Najla Al Midfa on Empowering Emirati Youth[...] Read More


Let’s face it; all of us go through hurdles in life. The difference is how each one of us deals and copes with these challenges and makes it a lesson to learn from in the future. Here’s help… Repeated Adversity More often than not, repeated adversity can ultimately trigger bouts of depression and/or stress. SomeRead more about THE GLASS HALF FULL[...] Read More