The Edit: Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

We hear about the amazing properties of natural apple cider vinegar – from being an antiseptic to curing acne, diabetes, and even helping with weight loss. But what doesscience say? Let’s find out. Blood Sugar One of the studies from the “Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism Journal” has shown that apple cider vinegar (ACV) mayRead more about The Edit: Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar[...] Read More

Why All of Us Should be Using Retinol

In today’s world where everyone is very particular about their appearance, retinol is one of those must-include ingredients in your anti-aging arsenal that can truly turn back the clock. HEALTH looks at the facts behind retinol. Q. What is retinol? Retinol creams are derivatives of vitamin A which is the only vitamin been proven toRead more about Why All of Us Should be Using Retinol[...] Read More

Rewire Your Brain to Stop Negative Thoughts

Do you often catch yourself having negative thoughts, or even worse, allowing them to consume you? Are you stuck in ruminating about what went wrong? Here are three tips that can help you reframe your mind out of this vicious cycle… Understand that everything is neutral Believe it or not, we are the ones whoRead more about Rewire Your Brain to Stop Negative Thoughts[...] Read More

Fidda Al Marzouqi Talks Trends

Fidda Al Marzouqi is an Abu Dhabi based fashion designer and founder of Emirati Couture brand, Cabochon. Her creative persona aligns well with her leadership and entrepreneurial qualities, highlighting her execution of stunning haute couture pieces that are aimed at making women feel absolutely regal and breathtaking in their beauty. Here are her top tipsRead more about Fidda Al Marzouqi Talks Trends[...] Read More

The Warning Signs of Coronary Artery Disease

Having coronary artery disease (CAD) raises the risk for a Heart Attack. Therefore, knowing the warning signs is vital in seeking medical attention on time. If your heart disease gets worse, your arteries will narrow, and less blood will flow to your heart. You may start to have angina symptoms, such as chest pain orRead more about The Warning Signs of Coronary Artery Disease[...] Read More

A Check-List for Happiness

A Check-List for Happiness While all of us strive to be happy in our lives, we often forget that happiness is a journey not a destination. Health presents some easy, but effective ways to start working on boosting your happiness levels today. Go Outside Despite the weather getting hotter, stepping outside and connecting with nature can immediately make youRead more about A Check-List for Happiness[...] Read More

The FAQs about Skin Peels

Peels have been a buzzword in anti-aging for many years. However, understanding which ingredients used in peels is right for your particular skin type is important. HEALTH presents the top ingredients commonly found in peels and how they work. Glycolic Acid Defined: Glycolic acid is the most common peeling agent. It comes in different strengthsRead more about The FAQs about Skin Peels[...] Read More

Supplements for Gorgeous Hair

Whether you have thinning hair, hair loss, or just dull, lackluster locks, give these supplements a try. Vitamin B: The four types of B vitamins required for healthy hair are biotin, para amino benzoic acid, vitamin B6, and inositol. Vitamin C: Is known to be important in the production of tyrosine in the body, whichRead more about Supplements for Gorgeous Hair[...] Read More

Healthy Eating for Children Fasting in Ramadan

Preparing special fried foods or sugary goodies for Iftar for children who are fasting is quite common. Yet it is imperative that parents choose healthy food for their children for all their meals during Ramadan to ensure their daily nutritional requirements are fulfilled in the Suhoor and the Iftar meals. Suhoor Suggestions • An idealRead more about Healthy Eating for Children Fasting in Ramadan[...] Read More

Is Stress Controlling Your Appetite?

Juggling tight deadlines, an office commute, and dealing with day-to-day stressors often has us reaching for unhealthy snacks in the middle of it all. Learn how to get off the stressful eating cycle and live a healthier life. How Stress Makes us Hungry Chronic unrelenting stress, thekind most of us live with every day,often makesRead more about Is Stress Controlling Your Appetite?[...] Read More