Tinnitus Tinnitus, a phenomenon of the nervous system, is directly connected to the ear. This phenomenon is characterized by perception of an internal beating or ringing like sound. This sound can appear to be a quiet background noise, or loud enough to drown out all outside sounds. Tinnitus Some Causes of tinnitus are: A sudden loudRead more about Tinnitus[...] Read More

Allergies and Asthma

Allergies and Asthma When we hear of allergy and asthma studies, we often find them lumpted together. Is there really a connection between allergies and asthma? To get to the answer to this, we must first learn what allergies and asthma actually are. Allergies are immune system reactions to things that others would find harmless. Certain foods, pollen,Read more about Allergies and Asthma[...] Read More

Alcohol rehabilitation – The 12 step program

Alcohol rehabilitation – The 12 step program The first step of the program refers to the addition of the alcohol dependency and acceptance of the fact that the patient is powerless to alcohol, which leads to significant and unwanted life changes. After admitting the problem, the patients deal with admitting that they can recover from the unwanted condition and leave healthy livesRead more about Alcohol rehabilitation – The 12 step program[...] Read More

Cold Sore and Canker Sore

Cold Sore and Canker Sore Two of the most common disorders of the mouth, the cold sore and the canker sore, are often confused with one another. Knowing the difference between a cold sore and canker sore can affect your choice of treatment or home remedy. The difference between a cold sore and canker sore is where the sore appears.Read more about Cold Sore and Canker Sore[...] Read More

Allergy Treatment

Allergy Treatment Many people are afflicted with some type of allergy to all sorts of things, such as environmental allergens, odors, fumes, food, and cigarette smoke just to name a few. If symptoms become uncomfortable and happen on a routine basis, then allergy treatment and testing may be in order. With food allergies and small children, theRead more about Allergy Treatment[...] Read More

Hepatitis A – How to Prevent It

Hepatitis A – How to Prevent It Hepatitis A is a very highly contagious infection of a person’s liver and it is caused by a virus. It isn’t considered as dangerous as other viral types of Hepatitis, but it does cause severe pain and inflammation that affects the human liver’s abilities to function properly. Hepatitis A The most likely way of contractingRead more about Hepatitis A – How to Prevent It[...] Read More

Hemorrhoids – Causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment

Hemorrhoids – Causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment Hemorrhoids, often called piles, are swollen and inflamed veins in and around the anus and lower rectum. They are much like varicose veins you might see on a person’s legs Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are a very common health problem. Hemorrhoids cause serious problems in about 4% (over 10 million) of people in the United States. PrevalenceRead more about Hemorrhoids – Causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment[...] Read More

How to Maintain your Mental Health

How to Maintain your Mental Health Maintain your Mental Health In recent years people have realized the importance of proper diet and exercise, and recent surveys show that over the last 20 years people are eating better and working out more often, resulting in people living longer, but people are still lacking in their understanding that their mental well being isRead more about How to Maintain your Mental Health[...] Read More

Incontinence: A Treatable Disease

Incontinence: A Treatable Disease Incontinence does not only affect the elderly. This is an annoying and irritating problem that can embarrass a person whether at home or out and about. Unwanted leaks can lead people to be isolated in their homes in fear of embarrassment. People with incontinence can lose their self-confidence and it can result in emotional disordersRead more about Incontinence: A Treatable Disease[...] Read More

Optical Glaucoma

Optical Glaucoma Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that are characterized by pressure that is too high for the optic nerve to withstand. The optic nerve is crucial in sight, as it is the nerve that sends all of the images created by the eye to the brain. Given it’s cruciality, damage to the nerve fromRead more about Optical Glaucoma[...] Read More