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ask-the-expert SMOKING SIDE EFFECTS Question: I am a 45-year old male and I smoke a pack of cigarettes daily. Lately after I eat, my stomach burns and I feel nauseated. Is there a link between smoking and this problem? Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Nabil Elshobary, specialist of internal medicine responds, “Yes, there is strong link between smokingRead more about Ask the Experts[...] Read More

Why Can’t My Child Remember Anything?

19 Most of Us assume Children Have strong Memories, so When your Child doesn’t Seem to be able To remember  Much or grasp Concepts, it Can become Worrying For parents. Health talks With clinical Psychologist Maya fleifel Sidani about How to boost Your child’s Memory from The onset. The Science During early childhood, everyday adult-child interactions provide the basis for memory development by fostering language development and helping children acquire scripts for common events. Also, memory develops largely through social interaction, and parents and teachers play a criticalRead more about Why Can’t My Child Remember Anything?[...] Read More

Your Space

22 Distinctive and unique, Turkish furniture adds a traditional, yet fully functional style in any home space. HEALTH meets with Aycil Aktug, Regional Director of Turkish Furniture brand Sandalyeci Furniture Trading DMCC who discusses trends in interiors. Trends “If you are renovating or decorating your home, look out for trends that interior designers are harping about at the moment. With social media offeringRead more about Your Space[...] Read More

The Top Six Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

17 Have you ever wondered whether you should still exercise during pregnancy? Will it harm the baby? How hard should you push yourself? Dubai VIP Personal Trainer and Pre and Post natal Trainer Rhian Adams reveals the top six benefits of exercising during pregnancy The Benefits Less Weight Gain: Not being able to lose the pregnancy weight gain is the biggestRead more about The Top Six Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy[...] Read More

Back to School Guide

03 As parents get ready to send their kids back to school after a long summer holiday, making sure kids are being properly nourished with the right kinds of foods can make all the difference in their academic performance and in their overall health and well-being. HEALTH presents an in-depth guide to nutrition for your children… The UAE A growing issueRead more about Back to School Guide[...] Read More

When Your Guests Don’t Get Along

09 Having guests over for any occasion is a challenge; with the planning, the menu, the decorations, and the overall effort that goes into it. But if your guests don’t hit it off, it can make it all the more difficult. Here are some ways to help thaw the ice between guests… The Ideal Situation In order to haveRead more about When Your Guests Don’t Get Along[...] Read More

Lifestyle and Fertility Changes in Men

07 Our fast-paced, super-hectic, and Sedentary lifestyles have long Been held responsible for health Adversities. Besides affecting Our immune system with toxins And unhealthy diets, one of the Dire impacts has been declining Male infertility. Health speaks To fertility expert Dr. Pankaj Shrivastav who explains the link Between lifestyle and fertility in Men. Smoking Smoking has long been hailed as a cancer causing and health tarnishing habit. TimeRead more about Lifestyle and Fertility Changes in Men[...] Read More

The Facts about Anabolic Steroids

18 Many people are willing to go to dangerous extremes to achieve that perfect six pack; yet Dr. Anoop K. Agarwal, Professor of Pharmacology reveals the dangers of indulging in anabolic steroids Abuse of Anabolic Steroids Anabolic steroids have been abused by participants in various professional sports especially in weightlifting, wrestling, boxing, cycling, and football as well as field athletes to attain a competitive edge and is referred to as ‘doping’. This ergogenicRead more about The Facts about Anabolic Steroids[...] Read More

Life Changes After Breast Cancer

04 With Breast Cancer Awareness month just around the corner, HEALTH meets two breast cancer survivors who narrate their journeys of survival and courage. Maya Karmani is a stage 2 breast cancer survivor who says she is thankful of the fact that there is great awareness of breast cancer in the UAE. Background “I was diagnosed in June, 2008, underwent surgeryRead more about Life Changes After Breast Cancer[...] Read More

Preparing Kids to Live 100 Healthy Years

02 Imagine a world where people live for 100 healthy years? While it may sound like a science fiction movie, it soon can become a reality, thanks to the efforts of German science and technology company Merck which has launched a strategy and action plan to prepare GEN100 – the next generation of kids who will be able to liveRead more about Preparing Kids to Live 100 Healthy Years[...] Read More