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kids-complaining-of-joint-pain From the heavy book bags to the increase in sedentary lifestyles, our kids today are complaining of back and joint pain. To help, Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Hashim Zaka provides some practical tips. 1. While sitting in school, the hip, knees, and ankle joint need to be in the 90 degrees position, bottom comfortably tucked atRead more about WHY ARE OUR KIDS COMPLAINING OF JOINT PAIN?[...] Read More

Yes, Your Child is Inheriting Your Genetic Disorders

25 Genetic disorders are the most common cause of infant mortality in Arab nations. Genetic disorders induce approximately 20 percent of the infant mortality rates in developed countries. Defined According to Dr. Rupali Chopra, Lab Director, IGENOMIX, genetic disorders are caused by abnormalities in the human genes and can be hereditary, i.e. passed down from generationRead more about Yes, Your Child is Inheriting Your Genetic Disorders[...] Read More

Keeping Kids Safe in Style

24 Gone are the days when parents had to let go of their style mantra and instead, embrace baby products that were just compliant with their kids’ dressing and safety needs. With more and more manufacturers considering options galore to provide fashion statements along with safety, on-trend kids-parenting gears are now a reality. Safety with DesignRead more about Keeping Kids Safe in Style[...] Read More

Violent Images are Doing More Harm to Our Children Than you Know

23 From seemingly innocent cartoons to supposed children’s movies, the images of violence can actually have long-term effects on our children. HEALTH investigates. The Age According to Psychologist Devika Singh-Mankani, children begin to absorb images of violence from the time they are toddlers, under three years old. Also, children under the age of approximately six yearsRead more about Violent Images are Doing More Harm to Our Children Than you Know[...] Read More

Should Children Bother To Exercise?

excercise One of the most common and frequently asked questions from parents all over the globe is what is the best way to raise their kids to be strong and healthy human beings. Most, if not all the questions relate to them participating in exercise. Therefore, to cover the topic of children and exercise, I willRead more about Should Children Bother To Exercise?[...] Read More

What type of Mom you are?

What type of Mom you are? Parenting styles vary across the board and with this, HEALTH met three women to discuss parenting styles and how they parent their children. THE CHUMMY MOTHER Harshika Daryanani, blogger and freelance writer, is a mother to 11-year-old Jahaan Daryanani and describes her parenting style as “very hands off and figure it out yourself ”. Your style While I do notRead more about What type of Mom you are?[...] Read More

Creating the Right Nursery for Your Baby

Creating the Right Nursery for Your Baby HEALTH meets the team at Children’s Lane – a vintage-inspired children’s boutique in Abu Dhabi – who reveal the best ways to create the ideal nursery for your baby. The beginnings We were inspired by the birth of our daughter. Children spend the majority of their childhood being nurtured at home and providing the right environment that would help develop her attention to detail and nurture her imagination was vital to us. This, inRead more about Creating the Right Nursery for Your Baby[...] Read More

Taking the Pain out of Bruxism

Taking the Pain out of Bruxism For anyone suffering from head pain, ear or jaw pain upon awakening from sleep could be suffering from bruxism. Specialist Pediatric Dentist Dr. Anukriti Pathak explains more about this problem and what can be done to help it. Defined Bruxism is the medical term for the grinding of teeth or the clenching of jaws. It refers to movements of the teeth and jawsRead more about Taking the Pain out of Bruxism[...] Read More

Top 10 Tips for Taking Care of a Newborn Baby

Top 10 Tips for Taking Care of a Newborn Baby Congratulations to the new mom! Well, you have handled the discomforts of nine months of pregnancy and successfully made it through the excitement of labor and delivery, and now a new life is in front of you. The joy and happiness of bringing a life into this world cannot be described in words. With aRead more about Top 10 Tips for Taking Care of a Newborn Baby[...] Read More

Easing your child to a new School

school Starting a new school for any child can be worrying and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be as HEALTH speaks to Ross Anthony Addison, Child and Adolescent Cognitive Behavioral Therapist who provides tips on easing the transition. Coping Tips Make sure your child has physically seen the school and ideally has been taken on a tour ofRead more about Easing your child to a new School[...] Read More