Groundbreaking Telesurgery Hosted By Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) in London, one of the world’s leading pediatric hospitals, recently hosted groundbreaking telesurgery performed by Mr.Chien Wong. When the Armenian EyeCare Project, a Californian NGO that has transformed ophthalmic care in Armenia since 1992, recently contacted Mr. Wong about an urgent case of retinal detachment in a premature baby, he was faced with a dilemma. “There was a baby that had aRead more about Groundbreaking Telesurgery Hosted By Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children[...] Read More

Reasons Your Kids Need These New Super Foods Today

flexseeds From flax seeds and goji berries to chia seeds, childhood is the perfect time to include super foods which can help build a strong and healthy immune system. HEALTH investigates the key health  benefits of introducing super foods into your child’s diet. Immune boosters: Flaxseeds and chia seeds contain high ratios of plant based omegaRead more about Reasons Your Kids Need These New Super Foods Today[...] Read More

Why You Should Avoid Using Plastic?

plastic More than eco-friendly, glass products are gaining popularity also because of their health benefits. HEALTH speaks with Elisabeth Stephenson, Founder and Managing Director of Non-Toxic Source, an ecofriendly distribution company based in the UAE, who reveals why this initiative is close to her heart. The Beginnings A healthy lifestyle has always been important to Stephensen,Read more about Why You Should Avoid Using Plastic?[...] Read More – A New Way of Looking at Children’s Fashion

Melijoe HEALTH chats with the Founder and CEO of Melijoe Nathalie Christen- Genty about her internationally renowned children’s e-commerce site that brings together the best of children’s fashion on  one platform. The Concept Launched in 2007, Melijoe is a Paris-based e-commerce site that presents and sells the best of children’s fashions (with international delivery). We haveRead more about – A New Way of Looking at Children’s Fashion[...] Read More

Does your child need vitamins?

CHILD NEED VITAMINS Though as parents we try our best to ensure our children obtain the best possible diet, the reality is sometimes vitamin supplementation is required for optimal health. HEALTH speaks to Professor and Pediatrician Dr. Mahmoud Elsaye Attia Shamseldeen who explains more… The Top Vitamins and Minerals for Kids Vitamin A promotes normal growth and development with tissue and bone repair. Good sources includeRead more about Does your child need vitamins?[...] Read More

Is Stuttering Taking a Toll on Your Child?

Is Stuttering Taking a Toll on Your Child? For a child who stutters, having to speak publicly or hold a conversation can be terrifying. HEALTH finds out what parents can do to help this child. The Beginning In children, stuttering usually happens between the ages of two and six years and more often in boys than in girls. Dr. Raymond Hamden, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist explains that while it may beRead more about Is Stuttering Taking a Toll on Your Child?[...] Read More

In Desperate Need of Sleep

Sleep New moms are easy to spot with blood shot eyes and constant yawning. Yet sleep deprivation can cause problems for a new mother as she copes with her new baby. As HEALTH investigates. ASSOCIATED PROBLEMS Adjusting to the new role of ‘mom’ is hard enough, but what happens when it is coupled with the stress of sleep deprivation?Read more about In Desperate Need of Sleep[...] Read More

Coping with Bed Wetting in Older Children

Coping with Bed Wetting in Older Children Besides being inconvenient and somewhat embarrassing, bedwetting in an older child can also affect self-esteem as HEALTH takes a closer look. DEFINED Otherwise known as nocturnal enuresis, this is defined as bedwetting over age five. Dr. Ravinder Kumar Bhatt, Specialist Internal Medicine explains that this is uncommon because by age seven, children are able to control their micturition reflex and their nervous system isRead more about Coping with Bed Wetting in Older Children[...] Read More

Children’s Dental Care Myths Debunked

Children’s Dental Care Myths Debunked With the heavy load of sugary and refined foods in our kids’ diets these days, is it any wonder that tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease? HEALTH learns more… The Facts A report by YouGov last year found that 28 percent of UAE residents only brush their teeth a single time a day. Furthermore, World Health Organization (WHO) statistics revealed that more than 50 percent ofRead more about Children’s Dental Care Myths Debunked[...] Read More