A Checklist for Living a Happier and Healthier Life

1. Be Positive: The mind, heart, soul, and body all work at optimum levels when you are positive. To lead a happier, healthier life one must endeavor to be continuously optimistic. 2. Exercise: Health is wealth, so if you have all the money in the world, but lack in good health, you are amongst theRead more about A Checklist for Living a Happier and Healthier Life[...] Read More

Money Matters

As much as we hate to admit it, money makes a huge difference in the dynamic of a relationship; often times it can even be the root cause of a breakup—as HEALTH finds out. The Issue The fact is one of the most frequently cited reasons for a breakup is financial constraints. There are severalRead more about Money Matters[...] Read More

Do you have the Disease to Please?

Unable to say no to friends or family? Or are you always making compromises to come across as being nice? You may be suffering from the disease to please. HEALTH finds out why this can be damaging to our well-being and emotional health. The Profile The typical people-pleaser is someone who lacks an internal compassRead more about Do you have the Disease to Please?[...] Read More

Ask the Experts

SMOKING SIDE EFFECTS Question: I am a 45-year old male and I smoke a pack of cigarettes daily. Lately after I eat, my stomach burns and I feel nauseated. Is there a link between smoking and this problem? Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Nabil Elshobary, specialist of internal medicine responds, “Yes, there is strong link between smokingRead more about Ask the Experts[...] Read More


Collaborating with BD Barcelona Design for their International creative exhibition, PostCraft, commissioned by The Odd Piece, Sheikha Hind’s ‘Is-Dher’ is a collection of vases that are her interpretation of the three historical periods- pre, during and post-oil era, that have underlined the Middle East. A UAE-based entrepreneur, Sheikha Hind is also the founder of ‘DesignedRead more about INTERPRETING HISTORICAL PERIODS WITH ART… A ONE ON ONE WITH HER HIGHNESS SHEIKHA HIND BINT MAJED AL QASSIMI[...] Read More

Your Space

Distinctive and unique, Turkish furniture adds a traditional, yet fully functional style in any home space. HEALTH meets with Aycil Aktug, Regional Director of Turkish Furniture brand Sandalyeci Furniture Trading DMCC who discusses trends in interiors. Trends “If you are renovating or decorating your home, look out for trends that interior designers are harping about at the moment. With social media offeringRead more about Your Space[...] Read More

When Your Guests Don’t Get Along

Having guests over for any occasion is a challenge; with the planning, the menu, the decorations, and the overall effort that goes into it. But if your guests don’t hit it off, it can make it all the more difficult. Here are some ways to help thaw the ice between guests… The Ideal Situation In order to haveRead more about When Your Guests Don’t Get Along[...] Read More

The Nanny Chronicles

Recently, there has been a lot of negative news in the media about nannies in the region; both in the mistreatment of the children they are entrusted to care for and the mistreatment of the nannies themselves. HEALTH speaks to Dr. Tara Wyne, Clinical Psychologist who delves deeper into this issue… Growing Dependence Dr. WyneRead more about The Nanny Chronicles[...] Read More

A MultiDisciplinary Approach… Knee and Joint Replacement Surgeries

HEALTH MET WITH THE ENTIRE TEAM AT THE RECENT LAUNCH OF THUMBAY HOSPITAL’S NEW ORTHOSPINE CENTER IN DUBAI TO UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUT HOW KNEE AND JOINT REPLACEMENT SURGERIES HAVE CHANGED DRAMATICALLY IN THE PAST 20 YEARS. A HOLISTIC APPROACH Orthopedics has changed in the past 20 years, tells Specialist Orthopedist Dr. Amit Arvindbhai Shah, explaining,Read more about A MultiDisciplinary Approach… Knee and Joint Replacement Surgeries[...] Read More


Swimming is not only immensely enjoyable for kids, but is a great way to keep them active, healthy, and off their gadgets. HEALTH presents the top reasons why kids need to learn how to swim… Boosts Family Time Swimming is the ideal activity, not just for kids, but the entire family. Once you’re in theRead more about 5 REASONS OUR KIDS SHOULD BE SWIMMING MORE[...] Read More