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Lifestyle and Fertility Changes in Men

07 Our fast-paced, super-hectic, and Sedentary lifestyles have long Been held responsible for health Adversities. Besides affecting Our immune system with toxins And unhealthy diets, one of the Dire impacts has been declining Male infertility. Health speaks To fertility expert Dr. Pankaj Shrivastav who explains the link Between lifestyle and fertility in Men. Smoking Smoking has long been hailed as a cancer causing and health tarnishing habit. TimeRead more about Lifestyle and Fertility Changes in Men[...] Read More

The Facts about Anabolic Steroids

18 Many people are willing to go to dangerous extremes to achieve that perfect six pack; yet Dr. Anoop K. Agarwal, Professor of Pharmacology reveals the dangers of indulging in anabolic steroids Abuse of Anabolic Steroids Anabolic steroids have been abused by participants in various professional sports especially in weightlifting, wrestling, boxing, cycling, and football as well as field athletes to attain a competitive edge and is referred to as ‘doping’. This ergogenicRead more about The Facts about Anabolic Steroids[...] Read More

The Supplements All Men Need

supplement Whenever you hear or see the words “men’s supplements” they are always heavily marketed towards increasing strength, optimizing testosterone, and blasting away fat. But remember, you can’t build a house without a solid foundation and much is the same with the human body. Ensure your foundation of all your key vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional components are met, otherwiseRead more about The Supplements All Men Need[...] Read More

5 Easy Ways for Men to Get Perfect Skin

5 Easy Ways for Men to Get Perfect Skin Today’s men are taking care of themselves more than ever before. Health meets with Dr. Sunny Shaper, an international personal care expert who shares five key tips for men to have a fresh and clear complexion. 1. Use a Cleanser and Toner Get a gentle, fragrance-free facial cleanser – one that works for all skin types – and cleanse your face every day. TheRead more about 5 Easy Ways for Men to Get Perfect Skin[...] Read More

Men Teetering On The Verge Of Burnout

Men Teetering Pressure from work coupled by the persistent need to achieve can lead to burnout. HEALTH speaks to an expert who provides practical tips when dealing with burnout. DEFINED According to Consultant Psychiatrist and Executive Coach Dr. Asad Sadiq, “burnout” was coined as a term in 1974 and essentially is the exhaustion of physical and emotionalRead more about Men Teetering On The Verge Of Burnout[...] Read More

The Top 10 Health Checks for Men over 50

Men health Comprehensive heath check-ups, especially in men over 50, can be of great benefit as many conditions do not reveal themselves and can go undetected for many years with detrimental effects. HEALTH explains the top 10 most recommended health screening tests for men aged 50 and over to enhance wellbeing and health. Objective The purpose ofRead more about The Top 10 Health Checks for Men over 50[...] Read More

How does Mid-life crisis affect Men?

Men in Mid life When you mention the words ‘midlife crisis in men’ you are often met with a wisecrack about an older man with his new haircut, brandnew sports car, and a fashion sense that seems better suited for a man decades younger. Health unravels the mystery behind male mid-life crisis. WHAT IT MEANS Mid-life crisis can beginRead more about How does Mid-life crisis affect Men?[...] Read More

Encapsulating Men’s Fashion Trends for 2016

Alessandro Sartori HEALTH met with Alessandro Sartori, Creative Director, Berluti to find out what all men need to be wearing this season. Honing Excellence… Berluti The foundations of Berluti date back to Paris in 1895 and have been built by four generations of the Berluti family, who cultivated an exceptional know-how in the mastery of shoe making, a deep understanding of fine footwear and a passionRead more about Encapsulating Men’s Fashion Trends for 2016[...] Read More

Men and their Hair

Men and their Hair For men,  thinning or greying hairline can mean a loss of self-esteem and embarrassment, hair expert Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas reveals the options men have to save their hair and restore its youthfulness. SIGNS Whether you’ve just noticed a thinning hairline or are constantly trying to cover your head with a baseball cap, there’s a good chance that you’ve notRead more about Men and their Hair[...] Read More

What is Infertility?

What is Infertility? Infertility affects people from walks of life therefore understanding it is imperative. Specialist of Urology and Infertility Dr. Tamer Ali Abouelgreed further explains. What It Means and Causes Infertility can be defined as the lack of a successful pregnancy after one year of a regular marriage relationship. The cause of infertility may be attributed to either the male or the female and in someRead more about What is Infertility?[...] Read More