4 Steps To Lower Breast Cancer Risk

4 Steps To Lower Breast Cancer Risk A healthy diet can help lower the risk of breast cancer. Try to eat a lot of fruits and non-starchy cruciferous vegetables. Replace all your skincare products with natural and organic ones. Discard the underwire bras that can impede proper lymphatic drainage around the breasts. Strive for a vitamin D level between 50-75. Get regularRead more about 4 Steps To Lower Breast Cancer Risk[...] Read More

Understanding Metastatic Breast Cancer

breast-cancer Most of us are aware of the latest breast cancer screenings and public campaigns aimed towards promoting breast cancer awareness to the public. However, HEALTH learns about the less known side of advanced breast cancer or Metastatic Breast Cancer (mBC) and its impact on the women suffering from it. Explained mBC is the most advanced stage of breast cancer and is basicallyRead more about Understanding Metastatic Breast Cancer[...] Read More

Silent Heart Attack in Women

heart health Defined A silent heart attack, explains Specialist Cardiologist Dr.Sharada Sivaram, is a heart attack that actually happens without the person knowing. “In this situation, there are no obvious symptoms, such as pain in the chest, shortness of breath, and cold sweats, and in fact, 45 percent of all heart attack victims suffer what’s called a silent attack,” she says. Misdiagnosis According to Dr. Sharada, women haveRead more about Silent Heart Attack in Women[...] Read More


Over 90% of population will suffer from backache during their life time. Lower backache is more common than upper backache and neck pain. It occurs mainly in the midline in the back ,but in many cases it goes up to leg and foot. It is no longer a disease of old age as it affectsRead more about BACK ACHE[...] Read More

Taking Care of Your bones

Taking Care of Your bones Many of us have no clue about the true state of our bone health until a bone breaks. HEALTH investigates osteoporosis and how we can make key lifestyle changes now to avoid this disease. Defined Osteoporosis, explains Dr. Pamela Leader, a chiropractor in Dubai and Vice President of the Emirates Chiropractic Association, is a skeletalRead more about Taking Care of Your bones[...] Read More

Take Precaution Now with the Latest Breast and Colon Cancer Screenings

Prevention is always better than the cure and to discuss this further, HEALTH meets with Eastern Biotech and Life Sciences Product Manager Ranjini Mohan who highlights the vital role of screening tests, predictive genetic tests, and monitoring tests in preventing the disease and saving lives. BACKGROUND Patients with a personal history of either Breast andRead more about Take Precaution Now with the Latest Breast and Colon Cancer Screenings[...] Read More

Fertility Treatments in UAE Surge Thanks to Medical Tourism

Fertility Treatments HEALTH speaks with Dr. David Robertson, Group Medical Director and IVF Consultant, Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic who reveals why so many couples are travelling to Dubai for fertility treatments. With Dubai gaining a strong foothold in many facets of medical tourism, Dr. Robertson explains that typically, 10 percent of the patients they see are overseasRead more about Fertility Treatments in UAE Surge Thanks to Medical Tourism[...] Read More

Raveena Tandon Talks Safe Motherhood

Safe Motherhood HEALTH met with renowned Bollywood actress and film producer Raveena Tandon who visited Thumbay Hospital in Fujairah to endorse the hospital’s campaign ‘Promoting Safe Motherhood’. She explained why this campaign held a particularly special place in her heart. Promoting Campaigns “I think it’s very important especially in countries like India where there is not much awareness about the importance of a mother-to-behealthy first and foremost in order to have a healthy baby. IRead more about Raveena Tandon Talks Safe Motherhood[...] Read More

In Desperate Need of Sleep

Sleep New moms are easy to spot with blood shot eyes and constant yawning. Yet sleep deprivation can cause problems for a new mother as she copes with her new baby. As HEALTH investigates. ASSOCIATED PROBLEMS Adjusting to the new role of ‘mom’ is hard enough, but what happens when it is coupled with the stress of sleep deprivation?Read more about In Desperate Need of Sleep[...] Read More

An Insight into a Genetic Counseling Consultation

Background A 30-year-old woman of Indian descent presented with a family history of various cancers including breast, thyroid, and stomach. Her mother was found to be affected with thyroid cancer, and soon after with breast cancer, both of which have been treated (by medication and surgery respectively) and she is now in remission. The consultant has aRead more about An Insight into a Genetic Counseling Consultation[...] Read More