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It is well known that men are much
less likely than women to seek basic or
routine preventative medical care
Tere are certain common men’s health
problems that are treatable if caught
early enough, but can be permanently
debilitating or even fatal if they are
not detected until symptoms make
themselves known
Common issues of
this type include heart disease, prostate
problems, and hypertension
Tese are
all potentially silent killers that can be
prevented or treated if detected early
Heart disease is the most common killer
of both men and women
In the U
an estimated 61.8 million people live
with cardiovascular disease
Te sad
fact is that most Americans eat high
fat diets and do not exercise much if
at all
Tis leads to high cholesterol
levels that can block the crucial cardiac
arteries causing heart muscle failure
or can lead to blood clots elsewhere in
the body that can progress to the heart
and cause a heart attack
if heart disease is detected before
major damage to the heart muscle has
occurred then treatments are available
Lifestyle changes are the frst line of
defense in prevention and treatment
of cardiovascular disease
interventions range from drugs to
Taking medication and by
following a physician approved program
of diet and exercise means that men can
live a long and full life, even with heart
Te statistics on prostate cancer are
Prostate cancer is the most
common cancer, excluding skin cancers,
in American men
Te American Cancer
estimates about 234,460
new cases of prostate cancer will be
diagnosed in the United States
It is
estimated that eighty percent of men who
reach the age of eighty will be diagnosed
with prostate cancer
As Americans
continue to live longer lives, the overall
impact of prostate cancer is becoming
more prevalent
Fortunately, prostate
cancer is easily treated if it is detected
early in the disease’s progression
this reason, it is very important that
men over the age of forty receive annual
prostate examinations
Typically, the
progression of prostate cancer is quite
slow, and many people can live with the
disease for years without experiencing
any symptoms
Some of prostate
cancer Symptoms:
Increase in urination
frequence, specially at night
Difculty in starting urination
with painful or burning sensation
Painful ejaculation
Blood in urine or semen
Pain or stifness in the back,
hips, or upper thighs
Hypertension, or high blood
pressure, is ofen called “the
silent killer” because it is usually
asymptomatic until a heart
attack or stroke occurs
For this
reason, everyone should receive
regular blood pressure screenings
regardless of age or sex
If caught
early enough, hypertension can be
treated via medication and
or by
change in lifestyle