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You probably already know
how important it is to eat a
balanced diet, but it is
even more important when
you are pregnant
Keep in
mind now you are eating
for two
Whatever you eat,
the baby eats as well
In fact
the baby actually takes your
nourishments so you must
eat enough for both of you
Te healthier you eat the
better it is for the pregnancy
and you
Never miss a meal while
you are pregnant, especially
Breakfast is the
most important meal of
the day and your baby has
probably been waiting
since he
she woke up in the
middle of the night
may learn that if you wait so
long before eating you start
to feel sick, this is your body
telling you to eat
Do it
Make sure you are getting
enough of the food you need
It takes 4
6 servings
of dairy produce a day for a
healthy pregnancy, this can
include some cheeses, milk,
Tis provides the
baby with calcium which
ll need to develop healthy
growing bones
extra calcium to your diet
t hurt you either,
especially your teeth and
t forget about your
fruit and vegetable servings
Lots of green is always a
good choice, so are sweet
Not only will you
be giving your body what it
needs but you
ll start to have
more energy
Try laying of
the sweets for a week and
replace them with healthier
items and see how alive you
If you are ever unsure of
the foods you can eat, you
can ask your doctor for a
list of items to avoid during
ll be more
than happy to share this with
You may also learn that your
stomach won
t handle certain
foods that it would before
Some of those foods may
include foods that contain
grease, fast foods, meat, and
certain foods that have a
strong odor
Eating healthy doesn
t mean
you have to cut out all the
fun in your life, you can still
treat yourself from time to
Go out and get a frozen
yogurt or a smoothie
While you are making
sure you get enough to eat
throughout the day, that
t mean neglecting your
fuid intake
ll need lots
of water and juices from here
on out
Te baby will thank
you later
Who knows, you
may discover that you really
enjoy eating healthier meals
and continue it even afer the
Not all foods are
safe during your
pregnancy, there are a
few things you should
avoid eating:
• unpasteurized products
brie and
other sof cheeses if unpateurized
• Certain fsh
exotic, shark, swordfsh,
anything potentially high in mercury
Foods to Avoid
• Raw eggs
• Undercooked meats
lunch meats
If you are buying a deli sandwich
you can ask for them to heat the
meat up a little
• Cafeine
soda, chocolate
If you
fnd this difcult you can wean
yourself of, but the less cafeine in
your system the better it is for the