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Massage benefts individuals
of all age groups and diferent
Touch is as
important to any infants and
kids like eating and sleeping
Massaging involves loving,
gentle stroking or kneading
by a parent or caregiver on
various parts of a child’s body
like the face, head, arms,
shoulders, neck, hands, back,
legs and feet
Use of oils on the body of
your precious little ones to
soothe, relax and heal afrms a
strong, close bond conveying a
comforting sense of trust and
Early infant massage enhances
the development of the
nervous system and stimulates
all other systems of the body
It improves circulation,
respiration, aids digestion and
eases elimination of wastes
from the body
It also makes
your little one less prone to gas
and colic ailments
of baby in its growing years
prepares the body for sitting,
standing and walking
Massage is a wonderful stress
buster for children who are
prone to all kind of stress
Like a child starting a school
in a new area, health, fghts
amongst parents, exams or
peer pressure, etc produce
emotional, physical and mental
Massage reduces stress
hormones and heals the body
Each child responds diferently
to massage
Some may squirm,
cry, or some might just appear
more relaxed and calm and
also fall asleep
Tere is no fxed time to
massage your baby
Find a
time suitable for you and
your baby
Some enjoy in the
morning afer their feed, some
in the afernoon before or afer
their naps
Massage before
bedtime can put a cranky baby
to sleep peacefully
Follow the
massage with a warm bath
While giving a massage, sit
straight either on the foor
or on the bed or stand before
the table
Te room is warm
enough as your little one can
shiver when undressed
place where you massage you
baby should be quiet and away
from distractions of all kinds
Lay your child on sof surface
like thick set of towels so it
may not hurt it self when it
wriggles or squirms
aside towel, pair of wash
cloths, clean diaper and
baby clothes for use afer the
Oils are good for lubrication,
helping your hand glide
smoothly over your baby’s
sof and rather delicate skin
Small babies have a habit of
putting their hand or fngers
in their mouth all the time,
so it
s ideal to use oil that is of
good quality
Use cold pressed
oils extracted by means of
or unscented oils
Alternatively you can use
baby oils produced by many
companies which specialize in
baby products
Grape seed oil
has nice texture, apricot and
almond oils are smooth, light
and easily absorbable into the
To massage your babies,
use coconut oil in summers
and mustard oil in winter