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synthetic nutrients
Check the
ingredients before you buy an
energy bar
Try to fnd one
that is made with whole foods,
such as oats and fax seeds,
fruits, and natural sweeteners
Tis is one of the most
surprising ones of all, afer
all soy has been used for
countless generations in Asia
But the way we now use soy
is very diferent than the way
the Asians have traditionally
used it
Te ancient Asians
knew that the soybean was
hard to digest, so they had
extensive fermenting processes
that broke down most of the
indigestible components,
making it much healthier to
Examples of this would
be products like soy sauce,
tempeh, and miso
Tese were
used in small amounts as
condiments and favorings, not
as a meat replacement
But the way we use soy as a
meat alternative
vegetable protein or TVP
can be very unhealthy, since
soy contains large amounts of
toxins or anti
of the problems the anti
nutrients in soybeans cause
are conditions of the pancreas,
cancer and thyroid problems
Soybeans also can block the
s absorption of essential
Other Unprepared Grains)
For the last 30
40 years
granola has been synonymous
with heath food
But eating
unprepared grains, or grains
that have not been soaked,
fermented or sprouted, has
only come about in the last
100 years
People who lived
before our time understood
that unprepared grains could
cause dietary distress
Tere are anti
in grains
like there are in
, such as phytic acid
and enzyme inhibitors, that
make them harder to digest
Tese antinutrients can cause
serious problems like Crohn’s
disease, colitis, and even
mental disorders
Our failure
to prepare our grains properly
is one of the reasons that
celactic disease is so prevalent
So, stay away from the granola
Oatmeal is an excellent
addition to our diets, but use
whole rolled oats
not instant
and soak them overnight
before boiling them for
Good breads to eat are those
that have properly prepared
grains, including whole grain
sourdough and sprouted grain
You can usually fnd
these in specialty grocery
stores and health food stores
If you are trying to lose
weight and
or eat healthier,
remember that just because a
company markets a
product well or a health food
store sells it, it doesn
t mean
that it is really healthy for
Do some research before
you grab that sports bar, or
better yet, reach for an organic
apple, cherries, or some other
not processed
Your body will thank you and
reward you for it