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1‭ ‬large onion‭, ‬thinly sliced
3‭ ‬garlic cloves‭, ‬crushed
1‭ ‬lb potatoes‭, ‬peeled and chopped into bite-size chunks
4‭ ‬cups of vegetable stock‭ ‬
1‭ ‬cabbage‭, ‬washed and chopped
1‭ ‬can cannellini beans‭, ‬drained‭ ‬
2‭ ‬tbsp fresh parsley‭, ‬chopped
2‭ ‬tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Heat 2‭ ‬tbsp of olive oil in a non-stick frying pan and sautى‭ ‬the
onion until tender‭. ‬Then add the garlic and stir for a minute‭.
‬Stir in the potatoes and cook for about 5‭ ‬minutes‭, ‬stirring
occasionally‭. ‬Pour in the stock and parsley and simmer for about
10‭ ‬minutes‭. ‬Add the cabbage and beans and bring to a quick
boil‭. ‬Reduce heat and allow to simmer for a further 15‭ ‬minutes‭.
‬Check seasoning‭. ‬Place soup into a blender and process until
smooth‭ - ‬add more water/stock if necessary‭. ‬
Serve immediately in soup bowls‭, ‬sprinkle with cheese and enjoy
with crusty bread‭. ‬
Cabbage Soup
Tofu and
Potato Salad
6‭ ‬medium potatoes‭, ‬washed‭, ‬peeled‭, ‬cooked and diced
3‭ ‬celery stalks‭, ‬sliced
2‭ ‬medium carrots‭, ‬grated
1‭ ‬tbsp green onion‭, ‬fnely sliced
1‭ ‬tbsp fresh parsley‭, ‬chopped
1‬‭ ‬cup cooked peas
1‭ ‬block medium frm tofu‭, ‬drained and mashed
1‭ ‬tsp sugar
1‭ ‬tsp Dijon mustard
1‭ ‬tsp paprika
2‭ ‬tsp white wine vinegar
Pinch of garlic powder
3‭ ‬tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
1.5‭ ‬tbsp lemon juice
Salt and pepper
Place all vegetables in a bowl and mix‭. ‬
Add all dressing ingredients in a food processor and blend until
smooth‭. ‬Adjust seasoning‭. ‬Then pour over the vegetables‭, ‬toss
and enjoy‭. ‬
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