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Bringing Down
High Blood
Bringing Down High Blood Pressure is
a great resource book if you suffer from
high blood pressure and are worried
about its long-term effects. I like the
fact that this book not only explains, in
great detail, how high blood pressure
happens but also its health problems in
men and women, solutions to lower it
and medication. It also includes a dietary
regime, with delicious recipes, that you
can incorporate into your daily life. You
can also fnd ideas on superfoods that
are good for your heart health and vitamin
The recipes cover ideas for appetizers,
main meals, soups, marinades and
desserts, selected by a registered
dietician. For example, Spicy Marinated
Shrimp, Roasted Vegetable Salad, Tasty
Rice Pudding, Zucchini Bread, New
Orleans Chicken Gumbo to name a few.
These are delicious and easy to prepare
everyday food ideas.
If you want to know more about high
blood pressure, its dangers to your health
and ideas and recipes on how to make
easy and effective positive changes in
your life, then “Bringing Down High
Blood Pressure” would be very helpful.
It is written by Dr Chad Rhoden, PhD
and Sarah Wiley Schein, two specialists
in the feld of cardiometabolic disease
prevention and dietary counselling
and assessment, respectively. Reading
this book could certainly help you on
your way to a healthy blood pressure
and prevention of more serious health
Our fully automatic upper arm monitor is designed with both
comfort and accuracy in mind. The Intellisense ™ technology
ensures that cuff infates neither too tightly or too loosely.
The Dual check system ensures that the sensor performing
the reading is checked by a second sensor to ensure greater
accuracy. It also possess a memory capacity for 21 readings
with date and time stamp. The product is clinically tested and
comes with a 3 year guarantee
Available at
GMC Pharmacy
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Available at
GMC Pharmacy
06 743 1333
The unique combination of the new OMRON CompAIR
compressor nebuliser with the Virtual Valve Technology (V.V.T.)
nebuliser kit means that more of the aerosol is of respirable
size and available to the patient to inhale. The V.V.T.’s unique
design results in less parts that could be lost, less parts
to clean, higher hygiene and easier maintenance. When
not in use, the V.V.T. nebulizer kit can be fxed on the main
compressor unit.
The valves in conventional nebulisers allow exhalation
through mouthpiece. User can synchronize breathing with
nebulisation, hence reducing medication wastage. However,
silicon valves are used in these nebulisers. Now with Omron’s
unique technology, Omron nebulisers offer benefts of valve
function without silicon valves.