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whether a backpacker on a
budget, or a frst class
fve star
Travel in Asia is inexpensive
and opens the door to diferent
cultural experiences
can be for a short holiday, an
extended stay, or choices of
laying the groundwork for
the ultimate stay, retirement
If the time has come for your
vacation or a holiday getaway,
read this article before making
your plans
Tere are many
places of great beauty and
interest to be seen in the USA
and Europe
But, whether
transportation, touring, theme
park, or food and lodging,
it is expensive
Tis article
is written for every traveler,
Nowadays, with so many
opportunities to make money
using the Internet it is not out
of the question to “retire” early
Medical Tourism in Asia
growing in popularity
It is
high quality and afordable
Just one of International
standard hospitals in Bangkok
serves 400,000 international
Asia is the most
beautiful, the
most exciting,
the most
user friendly
Continent on
earth.  This
paradise is real,
and affordable,
for travel short
term, long
term, and for
Use not just
one country,
but an entire
continent to
fulfll your travel
and retirement
patients annually,
In the USA
cataract surgery for one eye
runs around
At a
prestigious International hospital
in Tailand cataract surgery can
be performed on both eyes for
It is possible to
have quality medical care, and an
Asian holiday, for a fraction of
the cost of the same procedure in
the USA