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While everyone understands
the importance of eating fruits
and vegetables, there are still a
lot of people who are not too
keen on the idea of eating their
greens on every meal
your fruits and vegetables in
juice form is a good alternative
especially if you don
t have
much time to sit down for a
proper meal
Tere are lots of benefts that
can be had from incorporating
fresh fruit and vegetable juices
in your diet
In fact, there are
many aspects in which fresh
juice can be much better than
eating cooked or processed
fruits and vegetables
Patients who are sufering
from gastrointestinal problems
are advised to go on a liquid
diet because it
s much easier
for the body to take liquids
Te body is capable of
absorbing nutrients much
more efciently when food
is taken in juice form than
when it is in solid form
is mainly because it doesn
take a lot of efort to digest
juice and break its components
down into simpler forms
With solid food, the stomach
will need to work on breaking
it down to turn it into a
liquid state before it is
suitable for absorption into the
Cooking fruits and vegetables
tends to cause nutrients in
food to disappear
Heat can
also destroy the enzymes
found in these food products
Studies show that when
vegetables are subjected to
high temperatures, most of
their nutritional value tends to
get lost
Juicing fresh fruits and
vegetables helps to retain their
nutritional value
It keeps
enzymes viable and usable by
the body
Without enzymes,
several diferent processes
in your system will cease to
Tese compounds
provide some sort of a go
signal for diferent chemical
reactions in the body to start
Juicing is the most efective
way to restore the body
s health
because you
re preparing food
in such a way that is easier for
the body to process
It can also
enhance your fuid intake as
fruits and vegetables naturally
contain water
Fresh juice not
only provides you with most
of the essential nutrients that
you body needs, it also keeps
you hydrated even when you
t get to drink a lot of
water throughout the day
With other types of drinks
such as carbonated sodas,
liquor and cofee, the body
has the tendency to eliminate
more water than it takes in
Juices contain water that can
be readily utilized by the body
because it comes in a clean and
pure form
Healthy habit
Fruit and vegetable juicing
enables you to adopt a
healthier lifestyle
Fresh fruit
drinks can take the place of
certain beverages that you tend
to take in daily
With a steady
supply of fruits and vegetables
through juicing, you essentially
gain a body that is revitalized
It also trains your palate to
be more tolerant with certain
types of food that you wouldn
normally eat
For instance, if
you don
t like eating vegetables
a lot, taking them in juice form
makes them more palatable
especially when they are
prepared properly
Fruits can
also complement most types of
instant meals that are available
these days
Easy preparation
Juicing can be a big step towards getting
proper nourishment for your body
In a
world where processed food products are
the mainstays in people
s refrigerators,
s important to at least incorporate
prepare but nutritious food in
s daily meals
Juices do not take a
lot of time to prepare
All you need is a
steady stock of fresh fruits and vegetables
and a juice extractor and you
re good
to go
It also doesn
t take rocket science
to create them
In fact, the possibilities
and combinations are endless when it
comes to fruit and vegetable juices so it
difcult to grow tired of this particular