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Noom CardioTrainer
CardioTrainer is your partner
for any ftness activity — from
biking to yoga! Keep track of your
favorite activities and results
on-the-go wherever and whenever
you want.
“Better than any ftness app on
the iPhone”
-Bob Tedeschi, The New York
* Seamlessly tracks indoor and
outdoor activities and tells you
how many calories were burned
* Advanced GPS and pedometer
tools that are easy and fun
to use
* Integrated voice output & music
player to keep you engaged in
your exercise routine
* Friend activity feed to motivate
you and connect with others
* Allows you to schedule workouts
with reminders
Diet & Calorie
Tracker, the
world’s most popular diet
and ftness site, proudly
offers this free app-a
mobile extension of our
platform-to Android users.
- Food & calorie tracker
with over 1 million foods
(with optional meal
- Fitness tracker with
calories burned
- Weigh-in
- Detailed weight & calorie
Recent changes:
- Barcode scanner for
faster food entry
- UI enhancements
First Aid
First Aid, your frst
When you are in a
emergency situation,
how to deal with
it? You need some
instructions and
First aid is your frst
First Aid is designed
to help you follow the
right procedures in
a stressful situation
or support other
people by giving them
instructions. It is
based on illustrations,
videos and short texts
that show you how to
take the necessary
action step by step
and in the right order.
Noom Weight Loss
With over 5.5 million
pounds lost by our
members, Noom Weight
Loss Coach has everything
you need to eat well, be
active, and stay motivated.
The Coach gives you
daily tasks to help create
positive lifestyle changes
for long-term weight loss.
These tasks guide you
through a scientifcally-
backed weight loss plan
that provides informational
articles, fun challenges, a
daily Noom score to track
how you’re doing, activity
reminders, plus easy
and convenient food and
exercise logging - the keys
to successful weight loss.
You’ve probably noticed that sometimes
when you’re sick, you feel really hot one
minute and then freezing cold the next. And
to make things weirder, grown-ups keep
touching your face and forehead all the time.
When this happens, chances are you have a
fever. A fever is when your body gets a little
hotter than normal on the inside. This can
mean that your body has just been invaded
by germs! When germs get inside your body,
your body tries to get rid of them by turning
up the heat. So a fever means your body is
trying to get better again!
Junk food isn’t
actually made of
garbage. People
use the term junk
food to describe a
food that has few of
the nutrients your
body needs, and a
lot of fat, sugar and
salt, which your
body can easily
get too much of.
Potato chips, candy,
and soft drinks are
often considered
junk food. If you
like these snack
foods, the trick is to
eat them in small
portions so that you
still get the nutrients
you need each day.
Nutrition is the study of food and
how it works in your body. Nutrition
includes all the stuff that’s in your
food, such as vitamins, protein,
fat, and more. It’s important to eat
a variety of foods, including fruits,
vegetables, dairy products, and
grains, so you have what you need to
grow and be healthy. Check out the
nutrition label of some of your favorite
packaged foods to learn more about
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