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COMPONEER, direct composite veneers, are polymerised, pre-fabricated nano-hybrid-composite enamel-shells,
which combine the advantages of direct composite restoration with those of lab-made Veneers.
COMPONEER are a completely new class of veneers. They are manufactured industrially from highly flled nano-
hybrid-composite which ensures excellent homogeneity and stability of the enamel shells. The extremely thin
veneer coatings from 0.3 mm allow a high level of conservation of hard tooth substance during preparation. The
shiny and naturally designed surface adds a look of vitality to the restoration.
With COMPONEER, quality aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth can be performed effciently in just a single session.
Until now the dentist could only choose between a directly modelled composite restoration or elaborate indirect
veneer technology. The Direct Composite Veneering System adds a new and interesting dimension to existing
treatment options and gives dentists and patients new economic perspectives. Patients can be given a naturally
aesthetic smile in just a single session, and set off smiling – with a “smile to go”.
Direct Composite Veneers.
Innovative and amazing easy
restoration of anterior teeth
Advantages for the dentist and good reasons for patients:
• easy and effcient to use
• only one session required
• quality dental restorations with excellent aesthetic results
• no impressions or laboratory necessary
• optimum customisation (choice of colour, highlighting shape and structure)
• economical for dentists and patients due to high success rate and effciency
• high added value: the solution for many patients with reasonable investment
for the dentist
• minimally invasive removal of tooth substance
• reduced treatment stress
• high surface and edge quality
• more economical than indirect solutions
COMPONEER are polymerized, prefabricated nano-hybrid-
composite enamel shells that combine the advantages of
direct composite restoration with the advantages of lab-
made veneers. This is the frst perfected system to allow
amazingly easy restoration of anterior teeth with customised
composite shells.
For innovative and amazingly
easy restoration of anterior teeth
The New Direct
posite Veneering
It has never been so easy to have an attractive smile.
You will be astonished to see how quickly your dentist can make your front
teeth beautiful with innovative COMPONEER.
Your new life starts with your frst smile after the treatment. Enjoy your
smile to go.
Simply take a
brilliant smile away
with you.
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