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qualifed therapist is extremely
important for proper recovery
Right management of
Stroke patient might not be
concluded only by saving his
her life; but it might afect the
patient’s whole life aferwards
Tell us more about that stroke
management is more than a
life saving process
We actually give patients a
discharge leafet about stroke
to take home with them, to
inform them what stroke is,
and what lifestyle changes are
needed to decrease the chance
of stroke, and help in getting
more information about
strokes generally
Some people believe that they
should start considering such
health risk afer 50’s
What do
you advise them?
I would advise considering
such risks at the time you’re an
Strokes are common as
you get older, but you can have
strokes when you’re young,
I’ve seen strokes in teenagers,
and in people in their twenties
and thirties
Life style change
considerations for prevention
of stroke are important at any
What are the frst
measures a person
should take if they
faced a situation
where somebody had
a stroke attack?
Tey should take them directly
to the nearest hospital if they
recognized any of the F
symptoms, and not do
anything else
Tey shouldn’t
even give aspirin, because back
in the 80’s some people were
suggesting that you should
give aspirin before going to the
hospital, but, like I said, 85%
are blockages, but 15% might
be due to bleeding, and aspirin
would actually increase the
bleeding, and a brain CT scan
has to be made before giving
Critical care is one of
the main Healthcare
concerns in the
region, what does
an advanced stroke
center mean?
You need to have a full
thrombolysis service, and by
“full” I mean 24
7, so that
anytime a patient arrives with
a stroke they would receive
the treatment right away, any
time of the day, any day of
the week
Tere also needs
to be a good ICU, because
afer thrombolysis the patient
needs to be monitored for 24
hours, because there might
be a risk of a haemorrhage
Also you need to have good
neurosurgical access, because
if a haemorrhage does occur
afer thrombolysis treatment,
sometimes it needs to be
evacuated by a surgeon, so, you
need to have all the backup
facilities in case anything goes
wrong with the treatment
Also sometimes there’s a lot of
swelling in the brain following
a stroke, and in this case we
need the surgeon to do a
decompression, where they
open up the skull to allow the
brain to swell, then when the
swelling goes down they put
things back in place, because
sometimes if you don’t do this
decompression with swelling it
might lead to death
Mafraq is actually in a good
position in this aspect, we’ve
good nurosurgeons, a good
number of critical care beds,
a well
equipped ED and the
physicians there are trained to
deal with stroke
Can a stroke patient
be managed in a
hospital that is not
equipped by a stroke
Yes, absolutely
most stroke patients would be
admitted to a hospital where
they do not have acute stroke
service, and this is where you
can do a brain scan and make
sure there’s no bleeding, but
you can still get the aspirin
If the blood
pressure or blood sugar level
is really high, any hospital can
bring it down and save brain
Te most important
thing is for the patient to come
in to any hospital straight
away, the quicker they come in
the better the possibilities for
What other
challenges a stroke
patient might face to
receive good care?
One of the issues at the
moment is good rehabilitation
afer the stroke, and this is
where the new rehabilitation
hospitals should help
the frst few weeks afer the
stroke, following up with a