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Jack Ward, age 50 and banker in Sharjah says he was shocked
when he was diagnosed with high blood pressure just at age
I had always assumed I was healthy.
I was not
overweight nor did I smoke or drink and in fact
was shocked to learn that I had this condition. I
only found out I was hypertensive after undergoing
a rigorous medical examination. My first impression was
that it was something over which I had no control and I was
bothered by the fact that I would have to take medication
every day for the rest of my life. But I wish
I had known about blood pressure before
being diagnosed with it so maybe I could have
prevented it from the onset...
Jack and in fact many
of us, are not even
aware that we have high
blood pressure until we
actually get checked for
it and then are put on
prescription medication
to treat the problem.
To explain, Dr.Padma
Vasanth Kumar Shetty,
General Practitioner
in the Department of
Accident and Emergency
in GMC Hospital points
out that high blood
pressure is a condition
in which the force of
Why Knowing Your
can be a Matter of Life and Death...
With today’s
stressful lives,
diets, and
almost no time
to exercise,
many of us
either have
high blood
pressure or are
heading down
this rocky
finds out why
awareness and
high blood
pressure is so
important in
helping control
the disease.
Jan/Feb 2014