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across the
world ring
in each year
by making
to improve
their daily
lives. Your
have likely
been to
regularly or
to follow a
diet, but
you ever
making your
oral health a
priority in the
New Year? A
few easy-to-
adopt steps
can not only
improve your
smile, but
your overall
Why Oral Hygiene?
Did you know
four out of
every five
children living
in the UAE
are affected
by tooth
decay, yet it is a condition that
is completely preventable with
proper oral care? Interestingly,
many people don’t even know
they have tooth decay, as early
symptoms-a chalky white spot
on the surface of the tooth, or a
toothache-can be hard to detect.
A recent survey on the oral
hygiene habits of UAE residents
• Nearly half of residents don’t
follow the recommended oral
care routine of brushing their
teeth twice each day-when
they wake up and before they
go to bed
• One in four individuals (28%)
only brush their teeth once
per day- in the morning
• One in ten residents have no
set brushing routine
• Nearly half of residents only
visit their dentist when in
When you’re on-the-go and
brushing isn’t possible, chew
sugar-free gum for a clean,
healthy mouth:
Chewing sugar-
free gum for just 20 minutes
following meals and snacks has
numerous oral care benefits;
Research shows this can help reduce
tooth decay and ultimately lead to
healthier teeth and gums.
Drink plenty of water
throughout the day:
Water is
full of oxygen, which prevents the
bacteria that causes bad breath from
forming in your mouth.
Visit your dentist regularly, even
if you don’t feel any pain:
Be sure
to schedule dental check-ups twice
per year as your dentist or hygienist
can detect oral conditions at the
early stages of development.
Quick Tips
to Help
You Form
According to
Linda Sakr, a
Psychologist at
Dubai Community
Health Centre,
healthy habits aren’t formed
overnight, and just as old habits
are hard to break, new habits can
be challenging to form. Follow the
below steps to help you achieve your
oral care goals in the New Year.
Repetition is key.
The more you
do something, the more natural it
becomes. To develop a proper oral
care routine, no matter how busy
you are, take a couple of minutes
to brush your teeth every morning
and every evening before you go to
bed. During the day when you’re on
the go, and brushing isn’t possible,
remember to chew sugar-free gum
for just 20 minutes following meals
and snacks to help reduce tooth
Learn the skills you lack.
form healthy habits, you must be
armed with the right knowledge.
Proper technique for brushing and
flossing is essential.
Share your goals.
If you talk
about your goals with friends or
family members, you’re more likely
to achieve them. Get your whole
family on board with your resolution
to improve oral care, and then
encourage each other to keep to a
proper daily routine of brushing,
flossing, chewing sugar-free gum,
and regular dental visits.
How Do I Improve
My Oral Health?
While brushing is extremely
important and should be done
twice a day, there are many
other steps to a complete oral
care routine. The following
quick tips will only take a
couple of minutes each day, but
can significantly improve your
oral health and your overall
wellbeing in the New Year.
Consider your brushing
Place a soft-bristled
tooth brush at a 45-degree angle
to your gums, and gently move
back and forth. Don’t forget to
brush the inner surfaces of your
teeth and also your tongue to
keep your breath fresh.
Get the right tools:
Be sure
your toothbrush shape fits your
mouth so you can easily reach
all areas. It’s also important to
replace your brush every three
Floss your teeth daily:
Flossing helps remove plaque
that accumulates between your
teeth, and is essential when
it comes to preventing gum
Jan/Feb 2014