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Sonoma is a region in California,
USA with special climate, like in
mediterraneanne basin, with similar
nutrition habits like this region. It’s a
way of living that infuses you with health
and energy, so you can feel great, look
your best and do everything you’ve
always wanted to do. It’s a way of eating
that treats meals as celebrations, that
encourages you to indulge in the healthy
pleasures of delicious mouthwatering
foods. It’s a way to lose weight quickly and
permanently while, perhaps for the first
time in your life, truly cherishing your
The Sonoma Diet is divided into three
distinct “Waves.” In wave 1 (the first ten
days), you’ll naturally recalibrate your
body and turn around bad eating habits.
Wave 2 is the main segment of the diet,
where you’ll stay until you reach your
target weight. Wave 3 is the maintenance
program of the diet and begins when
you’ve met your target weight or other
health goals. You’ll continue to enjoy
Sonoma-friendly foods as well as such
occasional indulgences as snacks and
7 The Blood Type diet
It is the new approach: The blood group
diet dates back to the 1980s when
naturopaths came up with the new idea.
Knowing your blood group can help you
find a diet that suits your body, making it
easier for you to lose weight naturally and
without yoyoing. This is suggested as way
of life, not just reducing diet and for each
blood group (0, A, B, AB) you will obtain
very clear list of allowed and forbidden
8 The UnDiet
(90 day diet plan): long term diet plan
Fruit. Do not mix fruits!
You can eat beans, peas, soybeans, corn,
rice, potatoes, boiled or steamed required
almost no fat. Authorized and slice of
bread (whole wheat or white), a salad of
various vegetables, cooked vegetables.
On this day also consume broth, but it
is made of fresh vegetables or vegetable
bouillon cube.
the same like the lunch but half of it!
The legumes day is an important part of
the UnDiet (90 day diet) do not miss it,
because without it you can not achieve the
desired effect.
What is the secret of the 90 day diet? The
UnDiet or 90 days diet is based on the
principle of selective feeding. During the
observance, you can eat all the necessary
nutrients of the body namely meat, pasta,
sweets and dairy products, fruits and
2 beef sausages • 85g broccoli or cabbage
• 65g carrots • 1/2 banana • 65g vanilla ice
Black coffee or tea, with 1-2 packets artificial
sweetener • 5 cream crackers
25g cheddar cheese • 1 apple
Black coffee or tea, with 1-2 packets artificial
sweetener • 1 boiled egg • 1 piece toast
150g tuna • 125g carrots • 140g cauliflower •
175g melon • 65g vanilla ice cream
On top of your eating plan, dieters are also
allowed 950ml of water or non-caloric
drinks daily.
5 Dukan diet
(for long term diet recommended in obese
person who needs to lose more than 10kg)
Divided into phases: pure protein attack
phase 3-10 days to initiate weight loss with
Meat (beef and veal), poultry without the
skin on (apart from duck and goose), lean
ham, fish, seafood, fat-free dairy products,
water, tea and coffee can all be eaten in
whatever quantities you want. All other
foods are cut out. And then Cruise phase to
control it with all above mentioned foods
and vegetables (apart from potatoes, rice,
sweet corn, peas, lentils, green beans and
avocadoes). For long term use follow the
consolidation phase (maximum 1kg loss
per week) when is important to return to
normal eating as slowly as possible to avoid
the dreaded yo-yo effect, reintroducing
forbidden foods gradually. Allow for 10 days
of consolidation for each kilo lost initially
fast then controlled.
A typical day during the Dukan Diet attack phase
Unsweetened coffee or tea, either 1 or 2
low-fat yoghurts (fruit yoghurts if desired)
or 200g fromage frais, and either 1 slice
of turkey or ham with the fat cut off, or a
boiled egg, or a bran pancake.
1 yoghurt or 100g of fat-free fat
fromage frais (optional).
Seafood sticks, crab, 1 turkey escalope, and
either 1 helping fromage frais or a bran
1 yoghurt or 100g fat-free fromage
frais (optional).
Chicken liver or a hard-boiled egg, fish or
shellfish, 1 yoghurt.
6 SONOMA diet
As with any diet, there is a The New
Sonoma Diet is a lifestyle.
Jan/Feb 2014