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content. A rich breakfast helps you avoid
the feeling of fatigue that usually occurs
a few hours before noon. They proposed
typical menu as a starting point, from
which you can diversify your nutritional
plan during a week of diet.
20 grams of butter. Tea or coffee without
milk or sugar, 70 grams of bread
(contains slow-acting sugars, also known
as complex carbohydrates, which is an
excellent fuel for the body), 100 grams
of cheese of your choice (you can vary
as much as you want, any kind of cheese
consumption is allowed)
foods containing fast
carbohydrates (pastries, cereals with
added sugar); lunch will be based on
animal protein and carbohydrates, but it
should not be too consistent, in order to
avoid causing the sensation of fatigue and
Rice, pasta or potatoes prepared in steam
Any kind of meat of your choice.
appetizers of all kinds, desserts (sugar-
based products), dairy products and
bread; in the evening, the body’s
production of digestive enzyme reduces
and digestive processes are slower. Dishes
should be very light. It would be excellent
if you could skip this meal of the day from
time to time!
• Fish or seafood or light meat
• A serving of vegetables cooked by
steaming or grilled,
• Avoid: dairy products, sugar-based
products and alcohol.
vegetables and other fats carbohydrates.
In practice, you can eat anything, but
you’ll just have to follow a schedule and
rules for their consumption.
The duration is not random and
exemplary: it is exactly 90 days (not three
When you walk through the 90 day cycle,
you can repeat the treatment, but after a
certain rest, which is 90 - days.
9 Atkinson diet
Indeed, Atkins is often called the
“Father of Modern
Low-Carb Diets”.
The essence of the Atkins program is
a diet of lower carbohydrate intake to
intervene into what Atkins reckoned to be
the underlying causes of overweight and
mechanisms to tailor the diet to the
Total carbohydrate intake is counted,
without much regard to where it comes
from, though in Atkins for Life he had
begun to talk more about advising less
glycemic carbohydrate. Still, added sugars
and refined grains are pretty much off the
list for the rest of your life (which is the
norm with low carb diets).
Amount of Restriction:
It starts out with a lot of restriction in the
Induction phase. After that the amount
of restriction is tailored to the individual,
depending upon their response to the
Amount of Structure:
The phases are quite structured, with
detailed instructions on adding small
amounts of carbohydrate. Within that
structure, however, the dieter has a lot of
choice about what to eat and how much.
Individual Variation:
The program focuses on helping people
find their individual carbohydrate
tolerance levels. Atkins also introduces a
concept he called “metabolic resistance,”
which will partly determine this level.
Learning Curve:
The biggest hurdle is simply learning how
many grams of carbohydrate are in each
food you eat. Atkins diet gives carb counts
of many common foods.
The Atkins diet has four phases:
Induction, ongoing weight loss, pre-
maintenance and maintenance. The length
of these phases depends mainly upon
how overweight a person is and how they
respond to the diet.
Emphasis is on wise carb choices, with
sugar and refined grains remain to be
“highly” controlled and avoid.
Always take care about intake of:
• Grains and anything made with them,
including bread, cake, pastries, or
anything else made of flour
• Any food that includes added sugars,
which is most processed food
• Fruits and fruit juices
• Dairy products, except for cheeses and
cream in limited quantities as noted on
the acceptable foods list
• Starchy vegetables, such as potatoes,
beets, corn, etc. (starchy veggies are
listed at the bottom of the low carb food
• Legumes (beans and peas)
• Deli salads, which often have added
• Alcoholic beverages
• Nuts, in large amount
10 Chrono diet
programmed according to endocrinology
circadian rhythm
This diet is based on the principle that our
body absorbs food differently, depending
on the time of the day at which it is
consumed according to endocrine glands
Chrono Nutrition as a way of eating, not
just diet, and it is developed by French
doctors, at the late 80-ties. As gourmands
themselves, they made a diet where
everything is allowed but according to
time of the day.
Also called diet by the hour, this diet
will guarantee you the loss of 5 – 7
kilograms in two weeks, while respecting
the principles of a healthy and balanced
way of eating, without causing the well-
known, painful hunger that may arise
during a slimming regime.
Although it seems strange, breakfast
should be rich in foods with high fat
We presented you
10 top
but still remain very
hard and individual to find
the best one for yourself.
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