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When the baby is tired after a journey and
unable to sleep just cry simply.They feel
tired in uncomfortable sourroundings and
due to unhealthy climate.
Heat - Cold
If they feel too hot or too cold they
become restless and cry. Child is
comfortable in a room with good
Tight Clothes
Tight cloaths especially during warm
climate is intolerable for kids.Tight elastic
of the the dress can also produce soreness
in the hip region.
Dark room
When the baby wakes up from sleep he
needs some dim light.If there is darkness
he will disturb the sleep of parents by
crying.Ofcourse he will be irritated by
strong light resulting in cry.
Yes, these creatures disturb the sleep by
their blood sucking and makes the baby
Nasal blockage
Child may not be able to sleep when
they have a cold and go on crying till the
passage is open.
Phlegm in throat
This also causes difficult breathing
resulting in cry.Often a typical sound can
be heard with each breath.
General aching
Generalised body ache with restlessness
is seen in flu and prodromal stages of
some infectious diseases can result in
continuous cry.
Habitual Crying
Some babies
cry without any real cause ending the
parents in agony.Many a times doctor is
called for help.
Nappy rash
If a tight and wet
nappy is kept for a long time results in this
Rash can also be due to some allergic
reaction to the elastic material of the
nappy. When the rash appears it causes
soreness and baby become sleepless
and cry. All other skin lesions like
eczema,ecthyma ,candidiasis ect also
causes same problems.
Ear Ache
Ear infection is common in wet climate.
The infection may spread from the throat.
Ear infection can result in rupture of ear
drum causing discharge of pus. Ear ache
usually becomes worse at night when
lying down. Child will become restless
with cry and may not allow you to touch
the ear. Some children with earache rub
the affected ear frequently.
When the baby cry continuously most of
us diagnose it as colic.This roblem is still
a topic for debate because exact cause
for colic is not known and diagnosis is
also difficult to confirm.Colic may be
associated with rumbling and distention
of abdomen.Child often feels better when
lying on abdomen.Some children may not
allow you to touch the abdomen.If the
child cries continuously doctors help is
All infections causes some kind of pain
or irritation resulting in cry.Infection
may be anywhere in the body.Usually
it is associated with fever, redness and
Reactions to certain food
It is said that one man’s food is another
man’s poison. Some food articles can
produce some allergic reactions. Allergy
is manifested in the form of redness,
breathlessness,gastric symptons and
continuous cry.
Hard stools
Constipated babies with hard stools may
cry when they get the urge for stool.Some
children hesitate to pass stool because of
pain .
Gastro esophagial reflex
Here baby cries with spilling of food after
feeding.If this continues it may be due
to gastroesophageal reflex. This is due
to failure of the lower part of esophagus
to close after food causing regurgitation
from the stomach.It is difficult to diagnose
this condition and can be confirmed by
giving antireflex medicines.
During dentition child becomes restless
with crying. Often associated with gastric
troubles and diarrhoea.
Some rare
Bowel obstruction
Bowel obstruction is associated with
severe pain and vomiting.Abdomen is
distended with rumbling sound.Baby is
constipated with absence of flatus.
Invasion of pathogenic micro organisms
in to the blood is called septicemia.Fever
is associated with this condition.
Torsion of testes in male
When a male baby cries continuously his
scrotum should be examined.Torsion of
the testes produce severe pain which will
be worse by touching the affected testes.
When the testes is pressed upwards pain
is releived.If this is not treated properly it
can damage the affected testes due to lack
of blood supply.
Initially there may not be fever,hence
crying baby with alternate vacant stare
and irritability should not be ignored.
Fontanel is bulging. Neck rigidity and
seizures may appear later.
Retention of urine
Children with retention of urine will have
agonising pain making them restless.
Major injuries
Major injury to any parts of the body
causes pain.Occasionally children will fall
while arrying and results in head injury.
Head injury is associated with reflex
vomiting and convulsions.
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