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Meeting your surgeon
When you’ve narrowed your choice of
surgeons, schedule a consultation - or
multiple consultations with different
surgeons. The surgeon will evaluate the
part of your body that you want treated,
and you’ll share your medical history,
list any medications you’re taking, and
discuss your desires and expectations.
During the initial consultation, ask the
• Am I a good candidate for this
procedure? Why or why not?
• Are there treatments other than surgery
that might work just as well or better
for me?
• How many times have you done this
procedure? What were the results?
• Can you share before and after photos
or diagrams to help me understand the
procedure and the expected results?
• Can the desired effect be accomplished
in one procedure, or do you anticipate
multiple procedures?
• What are the surgical options? What
are the pros and cons for each?
• Will the results be permanent?
• What type of anesthetic will be used?
How will it affect me?
• Will I be hospitalized? If so, for how
• What are the possible complications?
• How will my progress be monitored
after surgery? What follow-up care will
I need? How long of a recovery period
can I expect?
• How much will the procedure cost?
The closer you work with your surgeon
to establish specific, measurable and
achievable goals before surgery, the more
likely you are to be satisfied with the
Remember, though, even if you’ve done
your homework and found a surgeon
you like - at a price you can afford - the
decision to pursue cosmetic surgery
is yours and yours alone. Make sure
you’re comfortable with the surgeon and
committed to your treatment choices.
Jan/Feb 2014