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The retina is at the
back of your eye and
it has light-sensitive
cells called rods and
cones. When you look
at something, light hits
the retina, the rods and
cones send electrical
signals to the brain along
the optic nerve. The
brain uses these signals
to interpret what you are
seeing. See what I mean?
These awesome
medicines attack
bacteria that make
you sick. (They work
only against bacteria,
though, so they aren’t
used for illnesses caused
by a virus, like a cold.)
Want to hear something
weird? Some antibiotics
are made from fuzzy
mold (penicillin comes
from orange mold)! So
if you have strep throat
or some other infection
caused by bacteria,
don’t worry, because
antibiotics can help you
feel better!
This is what happens
when joints - the places
where bones meet - get
painful, swollen, and stiff.
Someone with arthritis
may find it painful to
move his joints. Arthritis
may occur when a
person has lost some
of the flexible cushion
between the bones called
cartilage. You may know
some older people with
the condition. Kids
who have arthritis may
have an infection, Lyme
disease, lupus, or juvenile
rheumatoid arthritis.
If you suffer from lack of
sleep, or suffering from
restlessness, then try this
app to beat insomnia or
relax mind. Put on your
headphones and drift to
sleep with this relaxing
guided meditation intended
to clear your mind and
enable you to get deep
restful sleep. Thousands of
people have used Andrew
Johnson’s apps on the
iPhone and Android to
improve and enhance their
mySymptoms is a food and
symptom diary that aims
to provide insights into the
possible triggers of your
symptoms. mySymptoms
can be used for recording,
tracking, and analyzing
symptoms associated
with bowel issues, food
intolerances, heartburns,
asthma, allergies, vomiting,
nausea, headaches, bloating,
or any other symptom you
wish to record. Simply
record your intake and
activities and any symptoms
you experience to discover
insights into the possible
triggers of your symptoms.
Anyone who deals with
infants and young children
will want to read The
Wonder Weeks. This book
will open parents’ eyes to
aspects of their children’s
growth, development,
changing behavior, and
emotional responsiveness
that they might otherwise
not notice or find puzzling
and distressing. By
knowing what is going on
inside the head of your
baby, you can help him
to make the leap more
easily and stimulate his
Jan/Feb 2014