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(Credit: Dr. Suresh Puri)
Tim Williams, a 37-year-old IT professional living in Dubai has been advised by doctors to lose at least 20
kilograms and he has also developed a short memory span and finds it difficult to focus.
“When I went to the
doctor he diagnosed me as having a severe case of obstructive sleep apnea. According to my doctor,
my deep snoring, fretful sleep and morning fatigue was caused by my heavy breathing pauses during
my sleep and he says is reducing the supply of oxygen to the blood. The GP recommended the first
step to treatment was to lose weight and change my sleeping position...”
he says.
Restful Sleep
Sleep apnea goes beyond snoring and
fretful, disrupted sleep and is actually a
progressive condition which can become life
threatening...Dr. Suresh Puri, Consultant
Pulmonologist at JTS Medical Centre in
Dubai elaborates that in our day-to-day
living, an adequate amount of restful sleep at
night plays an important role in our daytime
functioning. “Restful adequate sleep
means about seven hours of night sleep
in which there is a normal architecture
of sleep,” he says which essentially means
encompassing the normal components of
REM and NREM sleep. And as a result of
this, normally such person will wake up
fresh in the morning and will be energetic
and alert throughout the day.
We hear about it more
and more yet unless
you suffer from it,
most of us aren’t
quite sure what sleep
apnea really is all
a closer look at this
increasingly growing
problem and learns
how to deal with it.
Jan/Feb 2014