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The Obagi Nu-Derm Action Moisturizer offers relief
from irritating symptoms such as flaking, redness and
itching. This dry skin care product replenishes and
nourishes cells to restore the natural moisture balance
of the complexion. Soothing ingredients also calm
inflammation and prevent dryness from recurring. Just
two days of applying this product helped to completely
remove any signs of flakiness and dryness especially
around my chin area. You can apply this lotion multiple
times a day whenever you feel your skin needs a boost
of hydration.
Dhs 230; Available in Obagi Medispas and
dermatology centers all over UAE as well as in Bin
Sina and SuperCare pharmacies
Institut Esthederm Hydra System
Aqua Diffusion Care Cream boosts
the skin’s natural hydration process
and helps it regain its ideal moisture
balance. It is a global moisturising
cream, which boosts the natural
hydration process and helps the
skin to recover its water balance. I liked the way this cream went on and
the fact that it leaves no sticky or tell-tale residue. Also it doesn’t leave my
face looking oily or heavy; just balanced and hydrated. This brand has
invented intelligent moisturizing with Hydra System, a new generation of
moisturizing skincare that controls the balance between the static water and
dynamic water to ensure optimal moisture levels and keep your skin young.
Dhs 345; available at BinSina and Boots Pharmacies
This is a light, organic daily moisturising cream
enhanced by the rejuvenating properties of
frankincense and myrrh to reduce the appearance
of fine lines and wrinkles, and keep skin feeling
beautifully soft and fresh. The cream felt good going
on and absorbed easily without feeling sticky or
unpleasant. It is designed for all skin types with the
aim of reducing the
appearance of fine lines;
I have felt that when I
use this my skin looks
much better on the
whole, a bit brighter,
smoother and more
Dhs 435; available at
Neal’s Yard Remedies
in Dubai Mall, Dubai
Marina Mall, Dubai
Meadows Town Centre
and Wafi City
This illuminating moisturiser hydrates
skin for complete nourishment with a
super-food complex of Rose Hip Seed
Oil, Goji Berry, Wheat Germ Oil and
Pomegranate Extract. My skin looked
instantly fuller due to the cream’s
Functional Fillers which optically
enhance the skin tone and is designed
with advanced stemcell technology from
the PhytoCellTec™ Alp Rose. My skin not
only looked vibrant and youthful but felt
balanced and illuminated while reducing
redness and imperfections.
Dhs 252; available at Boutique 1 and
Harvey Nichols Dubai
I really liked this gorgeously
scented serum from
Aromatherapy Associates
which not only increased
the moisture in my skin
but also helped reduce the
appearance of fine lines
and created a radiant tone.
With hydroxyproline to firm
the skin, ximenia americana seed oil to promote
suppleness and prevent moisture loss, skin is
supported to repair and strengthen from within.
The cream also supports the skin’s ability to repair
and strengthen at a cellular level and moisture is
retained at the deeper levels of the skin through the
controlled release of hyaluronic acid.
Dhs 778; newly launched (TBA)
Jan/Feb 2014