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United Arab Emirates, Dubai, January
15, 2014 :
Twenty children were
treated through open heart surgeries
and caterization procedures, by a team
of cardiologists from Dubai Health
Authority Hospitals (Dubai, Rashid and
Latifa) and visiting doctors from the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
This is the 15
such workshop for free
heart surgeries that has taken place
since the inception of this humanitarian
program in 2007. The one-week workshop
began last Saturday and all the surgeries
and caterization procedures were a
The program known as Nabadat, which
means heartbeat, is a joint humanitarian
initiative organized by the DHA and
Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al
Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity
So far, more than 350 children, aged
newborns to 19 years, have benefitted
from this program. The treatment for
Emiratis is sponsored by the DHA and the
Establishment sponsors the treatment for
HE Essa Al Maidoor, director-general of
the Dubai Health Authority, said: “This
humanitarian initiative is in line with the
vision of our leader His Highness Sheikh
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,
Vice- President and Prime Minister
of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. This
philanthropic initiative is to support
children with congenital heart diseases
whose families cannot afford to pay for
their treatment. The primary aim of
the program is to provide free medical
assistance, surgery and post-surgical care
for these children.”
HE Ibrahim Bu Melha, chairman of the
board of trustees of the Mohammed
bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charity and
Humanitarian Establishment said that
this noble initiative is to help alleviate
the suffering of these children and their
families and aims to provide them with
access to excellent medical care.
Dr Obaid Al Jassim, cardiac surgeon
and head of cardiothoracic surgery
department at Dubai Hospital, said: “In
this workshop, we treated 20 children-
almost 40 per cent of these children
were Emiratis and the remaining were
expatriates. We will continue conducting
these procedures until the 18
of January
and we expect to complete 26 caterization
and open heart surgeries by then.”
One of the children, who underwent a
surgery to rectify a hole in her heart is
Dana, a one-year old Jordanian expatriate
who recently moved to Dubai with
her family. Her mother said: “We are
very grateful to the DHA and Sheikh
Mohammed charity for taking excellent
care of our baby girl. Her surgery was
successful and we are happy that she
will be able to lead a normal life. The
cost of the surgery is Dh250,000 which
is unaffordable. But it is not only the
expense that is a worry for any parent.
Putting their child through surgery is a
major concern and parents worry that the
child should be in the right hands and
therefore we were relieved when she was
selected for this workshop because they
have performed several surgeries of this
kind in the past.”
After Dana takes part in the celebration
today, she will be discharged and her
family says they are looking forward
to see her lead a normal life, free from
recurrent hospital visits.
Three more workshops will take place
in 2014 in Dubai hospital this year and
the team will also travel abroad to places
including Sudan and Philippines to treat
children with congenital heart defects
who cannot afford the cost of treatment.
“We study the cases that we receive and
prioritize them according to the medical
condition of the child. We also receive
cases from abroad and we have treated
children from various countries that come
to Dubai for this initiative,” said Al Jassim.
The DHA team of cardiologists and
cardiac surgeons who performed these
surgeries, include Dr Obaid Al Jassim, Dr
Ahmed Al Kamali, Consultant Paediatric
Cardiologist at Dubai Hospital, Dr
Shahraban Abdullah Al Shari, Consultant
Paediatric Cardiologist at Latifa Hospital
and Dr Sameer Sajwani, Paediatric
Cardiac Specialist at Dubai Hospital.
Those interested in enquiring about the
next workshop for free heart surgeries
may contact Dubai Hospital on 219 5000.
Ceremony held at Dubai Hospital to honour doctors
who conducted free open heart surgeries and
caterization procedures for 20 children.
Jan/Feb 2014