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When we were invited to Poland to attend the exhibition, we got a rare opportunity to witness
the creation of the orthopedic implants and instruments appreciated by specialist throughout
the world. It was very impressive and well organized; Dr Sadashiv Bangera who represented
Health journal published by Gulf Medical University and Dr. Vikram Sharma from Thumbay
Marketing & Distribution Company came back with good impressions and report about the visit.
In order to stimulate the development of
the polish medical device manufacturing
industry, the Ministry of Economy has
created a programme that aims to support
individual entrepreneurs who wish to
promote their products abroad. This is
to help build strong brand recognition
of polish producers in the industry.
Te project involves diverse forms of
promotion. Such as participation in
international trade fairs, trade missions,
conferences and matchmaking meetings
(B2B).these activities will also be
enhanced by professional consulting
service and a cycle of specialized training
in the field of foreign trade. Scheduled
events will take place at a number of
foreign markets, mainly in Poland,
Germany, USA, Brazil and the United
Arab Emirates.
The Ministry of Economy used expert
analysis to identify 15 polish industries
which provide outstanding interms
of innovation and export potential.
Particular attention was paid to those
industries that comprise small and
medium sized enterprises, since they
have the greatest ability to absorb
new technologies and manufacturing
techniques and can easily adapt their
production structures.
One of the sectors that the Ministry of
Economy selected for the programme
is the medical device and measuring
equipment manufacturing industry. It
was recognized on the strength of its
numerous achievements and development
opportunities. Appreciated too, were
its tradition, experience, iinovation and
wide range of products and technological,
scientific and human resources. All of
these factors contribute to the fact that,
Jan/Feb 2014