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Jan/Feb 2012 25
P. O. Box: 4184, Ajman, United Arab Emirates, Tel: +9716- 7431333, Fax: +9716 -7431222
The ‘Care & Share’, Sponsor A Medical Professional Program, provides a global platform for corporates, philanthropists, service
organizations, non-governmental organizations and agencies of the State to contribute their mite in resolving the dearth of
medical professionals all over the world. It is an opportunity to develop a global partnership for health development. By helping
emergence of a medical professional, you are in turn saving thousands of lives in the decades to come. The idea is to promote universal
health care through intervention into the education system by sponsoring a student, and having studies, sponsored by various
corporates and others, into different aspects of health care across geographies and sectors, through the benefciary students. The
main objective of the model is to identify the health workforce bottlenecks and resolve them to deliver essential and quality health
services. This model will ensure that there is a continuous supply of experienced and quality medical professionals across societies.
Learn from the world
Corporates, philanthropists, service organizations,
NGOs & agencies of the State:
• Encourage research and higher studies in medical education
• Take a new step toward a welfare state
• Improve your Social Accountability
• Advocate and Support the change
• Build your reputation through merchandising
• Name/logo on all promotional media for the program
• Company/Government spokesperson can speak at academic events
• Differentiate yourself from the competitors by joining this human
cause with global and national
• visibility – spread the good will of the company/country.
• Have vision for legacy
• Improve your relation with the stake holders
• Improve international/foreign relations
• Increase your business prospects
• Amplify your CSR initiatives
Sponsor students
for medical
Create a multiskilled
primary care workforce
Provide the best
educational programs
Encourage trained
professionals in community
Provide career framework
for unregistered staff
Actively engage
people in shaping
development, equity
and sustainability
Gulf Medical University
Corporates and
Agencies of
Health work force