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Corporate lifestyle
i n D u b a i
Dr. Brajesh Mittal, Cardiologist
Medcare Hospital - Dubai
The only way to get rid of your ‘Dubai stone’ is to follow a regular diet and
exercise regime. Do it with a commitment and conviction. Here are a few tips:
Have a good
and small
light meals/
through the
Drink plenty
of plain cold
fruit juices.
every day.
Have regular
What one can
do to take care
of stress and
In the current era, the competitive world
puts a high demand on the corporate
executives and employees. It leads to
mental stress besides poor quality of life;
disturbed routine for eating, exercising
and sleeping. A healthy lifestyle is
essential for everybody’s life. Good
nutrition, quitting smoking, controlling
your body weight, intakes of fruits and
vegetables, adequate sleeps are very
important components. Make exercise a
regular part of your lifestyle.
Stress affects you both physically and
mentally. There is no way to avoid stress.
So you handle it effciently. When handling
a stressful situation, try to calm down
yourself. Counting till 10 before responding
is common but very effective way.
Also to take care of the long-term effects
of stress, it is helpful to meditate for
some time everyday or attend a yoga
class. The least you can do is to sit in a
calm, serene place for a few minutes not
thinking of any stressful matters.
Keeping track of
your heart.
Regular blood pressure, sugar and
cholesterol monitoring are important
to ensure a healthy heart. Any middle
aged, apparently healthy individual
should undergo these monitoring about
once a year. It is also advisable to have a
baseline ECG taken as a benchmark for
future reference. Depending upon the
presence or absence of other problems,
the frequency can be increased as per
advice of your doctor.
Jan/Feb 2012