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Getting rid of the
‘Dubai stone’.
The ‘Dubai stone’
is the extra
weight you put
on because of the
lifestyle here.
It is commonly seen that the people
living in Dubai have averagely higher
body weight. Most new migrants gain
signifcant weight as early as over a year
after arrival. The lifestyle here is rich and
sedentary. To make the matters worse,
hot climate prevents outdoor activities
and incidental walking. For the similar
reasons, there are not many bicycle
The common
complaints one
gets as a doctor
in this part of
the world and
what we can do
to counter those.
The common complaints with which
patients present here are heartburn,
palpitation, chest pain, body aches and
fatigue etc. In many circumstance, these
are nonspecifc and not related to any
signifcant disease. Nevertheless, the
prevalence of these symptoms refects
anxiety, stress and unhealthy lifestyle.
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