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to develop Medical, Pharma, Labtech
Conferences, Life Support Programs,
Yoga programs, Veg Programs,
Education and teacher training in
different countries, especially in United
Arab Emirates, Middle East, Philippines,
South India and Belgium. Please help us
to accomplish our mission and vision by
joining in the Conferences & Workshops.
An emergency can happen at any time
and anywhere. First Aid Seminars &
Workshops are designed to give the
Community the confdence to respond
in an emergency situation with the skills
that can save lives. In this platform,
everybody can learn about bloodborne
pathogens, oxygen administration,
broken bones, seizures, eye injuries, and
burns just to name a few. By attending
seminar, each one and the organization
or company will be well prepared
during an emergency as well as saving
their time and lives. BLS, ATLS, Yoga
Therapy, Veg Therapy, Ayurvedic Spas,
Beauty, Health & Wellness, Intensive
Integral Yogic Science Workshops and
many more..
This unique
promises once again
to deliver valuable information and
to strengthen a professional network
amongst practitioners, Healthcare
Professionals, Yoga, Naturopathy, Veg
Therapy, and Ayurveda and also with
the people (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts,
Community Groups, Students, Teachers,
Daycare Employees, Babysitters, Hotel
Safety Personnel, Airline Personnel,
Security Guards) who are interested to
know more about this unique feld.
We are so pleased to coordinate
with everyone to accomplish our
mission in Dubai, Philippines,
South India & Belgium and we
are very much interested to work
with you as a team to organize
conferences in other areas
around the nation and around
the world.
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