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Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène – 45, Place Abel-Gance
92100 Boulogne. For information, please write to
Núria Perez-Cullell, Doctor of Pharmacy
Toll free number (from France): 0800 24 87 47
w w w . a v e n e c e n t e r . c o m
Avène, the Hydrotherapy center for sens i t ive skin
Soothing, softening
and anti-irritating
Avène Thermal Spring Water is naturally
ideal for irritated and sensitive skin. Its
unique composition and optimal calcium/
magnesium ratio guarantee maximum ef-
fectiveness and tolerance. Its low mineral
content leaves the skin remarkably soft.
Spray a fne mist of Avène water onto your
skin and enjoy the instant feeling of softness
and purity.
The source of relief
for Sensitive skin
Packaged in a
sTerile environmenT