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Words of inspiration
President’s Note
Year 2013
has begun on a
good note for all of us at Thumbay
Growing demand for affordable
healthcare in the region is helping to
fuel investments. We are branching
out into new areas of healthcare that
are critical for the region and where
there will be plenty of deserving
patients who will be able to avail our
most affordable and personalized
Mr. Chaker Bou Abdallah,
Secretary General of the Society
of Arab Faculties & Institutes of
Physiotherapy (SFIPA), Beirut -
Lebanon visited the College of Allied
Health Sciences (CoAHS), GMU
and GMC Hospital, Ajman to list
the Bachelor of Physical Therapy
Programs of the CoAHS, GMU under
the SFIPA.
A MOU was signed between GMU,
Ajman and Neuro Spinal Hospital,
Dubai to conduct workshops in
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery,
Spine Micro Surgery and Peripheral
Neuro Surgery utilizing the State-
of-the-Art cadaveric laboratory
facilities at GMU. It has been
mutually agreed that Neuro Spinal
Hospital, Dubai in association
with Gulf Medical University would
launch Neuro Spinal Diploma
with the expertise from Eurospine
Foundation, Switzerland.
As per our Groups’ strategic
expansion plans, new hospitals in
Dubai and GMU campus - Ajman
are underway. Plans to establish
our hospitals in Abu Dhabi and
Ras Al Khaimah have also been
planned for the future. We have
planned to expand our hospital
chain to atleast 10 hospitals in
U.A.E and other countries in the
next five years and many more in
the future.
The new GMC Hospital in Dubai is
nearing completion and is poised
for the soft launch in May 2013
while the official inauguration of
the same will be held in September,
2013. The decision to establish a
new hospital in Dubai illustrates a
pro-active approach by the Thumbay
Group towards boosting the benefits
and facilities of healthcare and
medical education in the region.
GMU is proud to add yet another
feather to its cap. College of
Medicine under GMU will be starting
a new Masters Program in Human
Reproductive Biology, the first of its
kind in UAE. The program is open
for admissions and will commence
from September, 2013. This program
is anticipated to provide the much
needed boost to research in the field
of reproductive medicine including
areas of women’s health, fetal and
neonatal physiology, and embryology,
molecular and cellular endocrinology
which will provide substantial benefit
to the community.
As we move into 2013 we will
continue to look at ways where
we can continue to grow as an
organization, diversify our product
portfolio and extend our capabilities
by partnering with like-minded
entities who share our vision
and complement our values and
Thumbay Moideen
Founder President, Board of Governors