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Tips to help manage stress
Becoming a new dad can bring joy - and stress. Find out
how to deal with the difficulties of parenthood and develop a
rewarding relationship with your newborn.
Becoming a father can be an exciting
and overwhelming experience. As a new
dad, however, you can take many steps to
prepare for the emotions and challenges of
fatherhood and connect with your newly
expanded family. Understand how to make
your transition to fatherhood less stressful
and more fulfilling.
sources of stress
No one said taking care of a newborn
would be easy. As a new dad, you might
worry about:
• Limited paternity leave.
If you aren’t
able to take time off when the baby is
born, it might be difficult to keep up
your regular work schedule and find
time to spend with your newborn.
• New responsibilities.
Newborns require
constant care and attention. On top of
feedings, diaper changes and crying
spells, parents must find time to do
household chores and other daily