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New sibling:
Preparing your older child
A new sibling
can have a
big impact on
your family.
how to prepare
your older child,
introduce the
new baby and
encourage a
healthy sibling
Bringing home a newborn is a little
different the second time around. With
your first child, you were probably
focused on recovering from childbirth
and figuring out how to care for a
baby. With the second baby, you’re
more likely to wonder how your older
child will react to having a new sibling
- and how you’re going to meet both
of their needs. Here’s help making the
How can I prepare my
older child for a new
Start by talking to your older child
about the upcoming arrival of his or
her new sibling. Show your older child
your growing abdomen or ask him or
her to help you collect baby supplies
or set up the baby’s nursery. You might