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Infant development:
Birth to
By Mayo Clinic staff
Infant development begins at birth. Consider major infant development milestones
from birth to 3 months - and know what to do when something’s not right.
A lot happens during your baby’s first
three months. Most babies reach certain
milestones at similar ages, but infant
development isn’t an exact science. Expect
your baby to grow and develop at his or her
own pace. As you get to know your baby,
consider these general infant development
What to expect
At first, caring for your baby may feel like
an endless cycle of feeding, diapering and
soothing. But soon, signs of your baby’s
growth and development will emerge.
• Motor skills. Your newborn’s head
will be wobbly at first. But within the
first few months, most babies can face
straight ahead while lying on their backs