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The GMC Annual Healthy Baby
Contest & Exhibition 2013 will be
held by GMC Hospital, Ajman at
the Gulf Medical University on the
of March, 2013. It will be held
to raise community awareness of
the importance of teaching children
good health and nutrition habits at
an early age. Establishing proper
habits starting in early childhood
can lead to a healthy lifestyle. The
contest will also promote health
consciousness among mothers
regarding different factors affecting
health of children and how they
could detect diseases in children at
an early stage.
The selection of the ‘Healthy
Baby’ will be done according to
the physical and mental growth,
complete immunization, general
appearance of the child and parent’s
knowledge about childcare. The
judges for the Healthy Baby
Contest will comprise of renowned
pediatricians, apart from the experts
at GMC Hospital.
The contest is open to all categories
based on age: 1st category (3 months
to 1 year), 2nd category (1 year to
2 years), 3rd category (2 years to 3
The contest apart from the awards
for the winners of all the three
categories of Healthy Baby will also
have prizes for babies with best curly
hair, sparkling eyes, sunshine smile,
and chubby cheeks.
Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island pinpointed as
key emerging medical & wellness destination
by DNA Health Corp
Thumbay Moideen featured in the GCC’s 50
Richest Indians list by Arabian Business
UAEMinistry of Health Hosts 1st Regional
Conference of Biopharmaceuticals and
10 countries across the Middle East region participate
in regulatory update conference
Dubai, UAE:
Representatives of government
ministries and regulatory
authorities from 10 countries
across the Middle East, North
Africa and neighbouring
regions attended the 1st
Regional Conference on
Biopharmaceuticals and
Hosted by the UAE Ministry of
Health, the two-day conference
focuses on the need for
comprehensive and stringent
regulation in the production and
registration of biopharmaceuticals
and biosimilars, a category
of pharmaceutical drugs
produced in engineered living
organisms. More complex in
structure and functionality than
standard chemically-synthesized
medicines, biopharmaceuticals are
used to treat chronic diseases such
as cancer, hepatitis and diabetes.
Organised in cooperation with
Swiss pharmaceutical company
Hoffman La Roche, the world’s
largest biotech company and
leader in biotechnology, the
conference will highlight potential
issues arising in the production of
biosimilars, and the need for clear
regulation to ensure the highest
level of safety for patients.
US-based healthcare company holds workshop for senior
US & UAE executives in lead up to opening of integrative
medicine & wellness centre in UAE capital
Abu Dhabi, UAE:
Washington, DC-based healthcare
company, DNA Health Corp, has
identified the potential of Abu
Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island as a key
emerging medical and wellness
destination during a recent
workshop held on the island for
the company’s senior US and UAE
based executives at the Park Hyatt
Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas.
Held in the lead-up to the
opening of the company’s ‘DNA
Center for Integrative Medicine
& Wellness’ on Saadiyat Island
in the first quarter of 2013, the
three-day workshop provided
the opportunity for DNA Health
Corp’s Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer, Dr Nasim
Ashraf, to share his vision and
strategy for the company’s
inaugural global centre.
“Our aim is to establish a centre of
excellence for health and wellness
in the region, with the highest
standards of US healthcare
protocols for the treatment
of chronic diseases, lifestyle
management, bio-aesthetics and
healthy aging,” said Dr Ashraf.
The UAE is
home to a series
of influential
and rich Indians
who have,
in their own
inimitable style,
shaped the way
they live, work
and do business in this country.
Whether these are big businessmen
or wedding planners, banking
professionals, or sports stars, the
individuals on our pages have
woven a few threads of their own
into the multicultural tapestry of
the UAE, each bringing a little bit of
India to the way things work here.
There were stories of struggle of
two or three years, sometimes
even more. With the advantage of
hindsight, they are now corporate
lore, but for those now in the
throes of personal struggles,
sans foreknowledge, they are
Earlier after being featured
amongst the 100 Most Powerful
Indians in the Gulf for two
consecutive years 2011 and 2012,
this year Mr. Thumbay Moideen,
Founder President of Thumbay
Group has been featuredin the first
ever listing of 50 Richest Indians
in the GCCwhich was exclusively
compiled and published by
ArabianBusiness dated February
10, 2013.
The list of 50 Richest Indians in the
GCC also shows that Indians are
playing a vital role in boardrooms
of both International and local
banking and retail sectors operating
in the region. But, if anything, the
Arabian Business Rich List shows
just how far the Indian diaspora
has become enmeshed in Gulf
Society with the region’s 2.5 million
expatriates working in every sector
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