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If your teeth aren’t straight,
you can go to an orthodontist
(a special kind of dentist) to
get braces. Braces go on or
around your teeth to move
them and make them straight.
Some braces are metal, some
are plastic, and some are
ceramic (strong stuff, sort of
like what some dishes are
made of). Braces may sound
weird and scary, but don’t
worry, because they’ll only
be on your teeth for a year or
2. And when you’re finished
wearing them, you’ll have a
movie-star smile!
An orthodontist is a dentist
who specializes in making teeth
straight, instead of fixing cavities.
An orthodontist knows how to put
on braces and make retainers.
Braces and retainers can be a little
uncomfortable at first, but your
perfect smile will be worth it.
Foods with fiber are really
good for you and your
bowels! Fiber is found
in plants and can’t be
digested so it helps clean
out your intestines by
moving bowel movements
(also called poop) along.
It’s important to eat fiber
so try some bran muffins
instead of chocolate.
Another way to get fiber
is to eat more brown rice,
fruit, and oatmeal. Fiber
can be good for you and
yummy, too!
Yoga For Kids Lite
Special Yoga for kids app.
suitable for kids from age 5-10, Please
make sure that the yoga is performed
under parental guidance during the
initial stages.
The App features over 30 poses or the
aasanas to name a few we have
- Surya Namaskar
- adho mukta swasana
- Uthitasana Trikonasana
- Swargasana and many more
Please make a habbit for your kids to
perform this yoga as your kids will be
healthier then any other kids.
Looking for a healthful
and delicious option for
your kids when dining
out? Check out the Kids
LiveWell app from The
National Restaurant
Association to find a
location near you offering
Kids LiveWell choices.
Kids LiveWell items
emphasize lean proteins,
fruits, vegetables, whole
grains and low-fat dairy,
as well as meet stringent
nutritional criteria.
ABC for Kids
All Alphabet
A very fun way for toddler
to learn English Alphabets.
• Full ABC
• All Alphabets includes
letters A to Z and is fully-
• Without any restrictions
• Real sound and human
Let your kids learn English
Alphabets in an easier way
by relating each Alphabet
with an object.
Available on